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  1. OOC: Sorry, everyone, my mouse isn’t working either! So I won’t be able to respond to PMs and such. I’m stuck with the tab button! The students near the Articuno dorm heard a caw from above. The looked up, and saw a Staraptor disappear into a flash of light. It’s trainer dismounted and landed next to them, dressed in a black tuxedo. “Sorry I’m late again guys!” Remus exclaimed. The boy had a big smile on his face and seemed teeming with confidence. ”But just who just won second place at the Hoenn Grand Festival?” His Pachirisu jumped out of his bag, holding a victory ribbon. “I’ve gotta change quick into uniform, so I’ll catch you guys in a few!” Remus said, running off to get out of his tuxedo.
  2. OOC: Name fail coming up… “My name is Barexo Axid Lanxlevi, the Nobody of Vanille, and my only goal, is to take your heart!” she shouted. She jumped back, and her regular clothes materialized into a black robe. The ground shook, and raised Lanxlevi up into the air. “I command the Earth Element, and you will be destroyed!” The warriors of Cosmos (and Garbaranth) nearby suddenly felt earth form around their feet, binding them in place.
  3. idiotfrnds Control Time or control Space?
  4. Sam: Little Dirtbag! Gollum: Just Kidding, LOSER! GAFER
  5. ^This looks original. It's either Roxas or Ventus. Same face, different stories. Both epic in battle.
  6. Please, Real Guys Always Win CHIMI
  7. Granted, you just robbed a bank. I wish to play "Crush-A-Wish."
  8. Sunlight. Control Fire or control Ice?
  9. Stylish fashion statement? What rikunobodywhatever said looks about right.
  10. I can’t beat what everyone above is saying, but they’re right. It sounds like she’s becoming senile. So she can’t help it if she makes bad decisions (your uncle) and acts unfairly towards you. She may not be able to control her actions, and it’s not her fault. So be there for her, just as the way you’d want your kids to take care of you when you’re old and crazy.
  11. Vanille looked at Cloud, searching into her memories, and then started crying, but no tears came out. “I’m sorry! They grabbed all the Ultimas from me! They took my heart! There’s such a pain in my chest,” she cried, grabbing at it,” and I just can’t stand it!” Serah moved forward, and knelt down to help Vanille. The girl saw Vanille’s dry eyes, and drew her bowblade, hitting Vanille over the head. Vanille jumped backwards. “How could you, get her!” she screamed. Serah steadied an arrow. “Don’t trust her, she’s an imposter! A, manakin?” ======================== Drex looked into the distance. “I do not know if our charade with Lanxlevi will last much longer,” he said. ”We must move forward soon. What’s the plan, Doctor and Genestink?”
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