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  1. He may grow up with his own secret otp Elsa's awesome though, she makes an ice palace in like 10 seconds
  2. Star Wars and Marvel being in Kingdom Hearts would just kill the whole thing to be fair..it'll be sad to see it because Marvel and Star Wars just..don't fit with kingdom hearts...it wouldn't make any sense to me. However I would like Frozen or Tangled to be there
  3. Making a deal with Sony was the worst think Square Enix could have done, if they were going to actually think about the fans of Kingdom Hearts rather than what they feel comfortable with, they would actually make the bloody game for the 360, sure I don't mind getting my own ps3 but I'm in a difficult position of owning one at the moment. I also think that if Nomura's plan for releasing the remix's was because of the fact the new fans of kingdom hearts would come around at the later games then he should've had some thought about maybe that if he was going to put yet another kingdom hearts game (KH3 which is gonna be for PS4 and XBOX One). He might as well make the remix's on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as it would make much more sense to people who play it on Xbox One. Sure I have played almost every KH game (except re:coded) and there wouldn't be much of a difference between the games besides the controls. I'm just saying that Square Enix messed up with their decision to make a deal with Sony therefore Xbox One fans won't know what the hell they're even playing when Kingdom Hearts 3 is released, unless Nomura can do something like in DDD and make some kind of timeline or maybe a free dlc that will show you in a special way what would've happened in the past games.
  4. Lets hope that there are no random women looking to impregnate themselves with gum...it's extra sticky...oh gawd.
  5. But Xion was a puppet of Sora's memories created by Vexen just like in KH:CoM where you have the replica riku. I'm guessing Xion may come back as her own person but I can't imagine if it's possible seeing how she was a puppet. Also Roxas is inside of Sora now so he's part of Sora so I'm guessing that if anyone like roxeas is back it may just be Ventus as Sora has Ven's heart inside him. I'm not sure if I'm right with all that but I guess the chances of Roxas and Xion being back as themselves could be a slim chance. But who knows what Nomura will do..
  6. I just noticed that they're in croft manor
  7. It's a sad thing to say as I respect the game company so much, however when it comes to the remix games for Kingdom Hearts I feel like they're lazy. I mean sure they hafta record scenes and animate new ones for the HD cinematic games and that apparently Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in 1.5 was remade from scratch. But I can't help but think that they let fans down by releasing the game to be exclusive for PS3, at the moment I have no problem with this too much as I'm able to use the PS3 system in my sisters room, but only when she's not home. Also the ps3 doesn't work on my TV but besides that point I think it's not really fair that Square don't consider changing a few things to appear on screen so they match with Xbox 360's controls so for example if t tells you to press O to jump on PS3 you can press B to jump on Xbox. Also It's annoying to know that KH3 is gonna be on both XBOX ONE and PS4 yet the HD remaster games are not. Fans will have a huge advantage to play the game more often and not have to spend money on a PS3. My main question is, why can't Square Enix tweak a few things in some of the games so that the cross console is avaliable? Also if anyone comment PLEASE do not do one of those things where you need to worship your console and say "kh will be sh*t on xbox because..it's xbox".
  8. Wouldn't it be Square's decision to make Sora more realistic? I hope Disney don't make the game go back to graphics that are close to how the games originally were.
  9. Happy two years on kh13^^

  10. 1. Jenova was a Cetra (Ancient who tried to destroy the planet but was stopped and Shinra Inc. got control of her cells and used them to make SOLDIER members so strong. 2. She has voices in her head that may lead her there. 3. Sephiroth killed her because she was the last Ancient or so we thought before Sephiroth revealed he was an Ancient. He must have killed her because she was a problem to him. 4. No, Sephiroth calls her "Mother" because her most of her cells were used to produce Sephiroth. 5. Cloud stayed because of Tifa, when she talked to him about the past it must've made him see that he wanted Tifa to be safe. 6. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is a movie that takes place 2 years after the events of Final Fantasy VII Cloud is a delivery boy to start out with but has an illness called Geo-Stigma that occured after Meteor hit Midgar, A character Kadaj is a "larva" form of Sephiroth also believing Jenova is his mother and he envies Sephiroth. Cloud defeats him and Sephiroth thus curing the Geo-Stigma disease. 7. Aerith's mother was a Cetra who died next to Aerith, a stranger took Aerith into her home and raised her as her child. Soon later Shin-ra looked for Aerith again wanting her to lead them to the promised land but she refused. 8. After Meteor left Midgar it left the floating city in a ruined state that was unsuitable to live in, therefore most of the survivors moved to a near by city called Migar Edge. 9. Kingdom Hearts made that as a random design there is no real reason for the bandages. 10. Geo-Stigma is a disease that occured after Meteor and Sephiroth's exsistence in the lifestream. People suffered the disease including Cloud and Denzel and most of the inhabitants of Midgar Edge. 11. Most of the team stick together but are travelling the world in Cid's Airship while Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel an adopted boy who passed out in front of Aerith's Church were living in a new Seventh Heaven Bar in Midgar Edge. 12. Jenova was used to create Sephiroth, Professor Gast of Shin-Ra produced Sephiroth with Jenova's cells which made him believe he was a "monster".
  11. Lol sorry but it's just a creepypasta It is not real someone just saw how creepy-looking the doll was and made up a story of how you gotta do a race with all the mecha's and supersonic then it will come out your tv and kill you non-sense
  12. OMG this is amazing I thought about doing it on the xbox version but the sky is sadly limited so the castle and walls are impossible to do but i'm only working on a adventure map starting with traverse town's first district ^-^ this is amazing
  13. He doesn't look like the mayor of a happy place like Destiny Islands, and I would be as scared as shit if I was Kairi and I had a father looking like that
  14. I got that weapon so easily ^_^ it took me at least a few weeks to get it because i couldn't find the stuff easily lol
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