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  1. randomly decided to check in to this site again lol but only for a while. its been 1 million years

    1. VocaloidLover13
    2. Oli


      i somehow remember you????

    3. DChiuch
  2. woah, nice to see you're back! I was Gunmetal if you didn't know this username.

    1. HelpMeRan-Sama


      Haha heyyy!!! I'm always back for a while then disappear again xD

  3. //KRATOS// specifically the vesperia kratos hahha Also my favourite battle quote is "I WILL NOT LOSE!!! AURORA WALL!!" by Reid :^) idk if he says this in english, but I played the undub version of Eternia and this is what he says ALSO YAY FOR TALES FANS ON KH13 we even have a tales tag im so proud
  4. Hey Sora, decided to swing by again for fun today and I saw this topic. It makes me kinda sad...but thank you so much for all your hard work in the past 5 years :^) It's kind of unbelievable that I've been a member on this site for so many years lol (tho I've been inactive since 2012??)
  5. I'm in love with Hiro Hamada

  6. Woooooow its been long since I've come here....just gonna swing by again then disappear later lol

  7. Woooow if you've been here for 5 years then it means I'll hit the 5 years mark too soon ;; It's been great knowing you haha!! You're like one of the people who I always see on this site and has never left..all the guys from back then are mostly gone which is kinda sad ;-; And your first post is great, don't ever delete it (y) Congrats for 5 years, and thank you for all your hard work!
  8. I reach out to the truth of my life blablabla, and the homo men to now break awayyy

  9. I actually symphathized Luke after the destruction of Akzeriuth. Although I did shout at his stupidity for a bit and the later revelations made me feel bad for him ;; I really love Xion, and the reason is because her voice in Japanese was really cute, and she has black hair. Ferrothorns are really cute and I want to hug it/pet it ^Q^ Fire Emblem Awakening is really easy Oh yeah edit! I don't know why people say Tales of Graces f was bad, I thought it was okay.
  10. I probably beaten Diantha in under a minute.
  11. I'm pretty sure most people already pointed out Luke from Tales of the Abyss... So I'll say Yuri Lowell from Vesperia! ^Q^ But he's technically ambidextrous so Also am I the only one who remembers that one victim in Ace Attorney who was left-handed? (Dustin Prince) ._.;;
  12. I'm glad I'm finally getting a PS3. Soon. But yeah DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if we can capture them uuuuuu I'm so glad all the 4 character designers are in! My favourite is Inomata, and Fujishima ties with Okumura for second ^Q^ Who's your fav?

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    2. Soravids
    3. RoxSox



    4. Soravids


      So? Trying to make friends.

  14. http://toz.tales-ch.jp/ I SCREAMED WHEN THEY REVEALED THIS GAME DURING THE STREAM. THE ENTIRE TIME. I want this game already throws money at Namdai take all my gald my lens my mana all of them
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