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  1. Granted. but you stop procrastinating so much u didnt have anytime for kh13 And You Exploded I wish For Kh13 To Be Even better
  2. I DONT KNOW WTF THAT IS but Granted. but you explode i wish for V*gina!!!
  3. Granted. but you didnt get any sleep so u died!!! i wish that i had a slave
  4. Granted. but to get it u lost your hands i wish you DIE!!!
  5. Granted. but there was so much info it filled up you screen. i wish for a house. that would not burn down or be hit by a tornado
  6. http://massmultiverse.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/wtf.jpg
  7. here's how this works i put up a picture that say something or means something and you respond
  8. granted. but you were so fat you can get up the stairs so you slept on the floor (and your replay sucked theres no zombies in crackdown) i wish for a twinkie
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