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  1. Hey guys! A few of you may or may not know me here but uh... I'll re-introduce myself first! Hi! My name is Kalnet! I love KH since it first came out on the PS2. I love the series ever since. Roxas is pretty much still my favourite kh character mainly due to his clothing design in kh2. It's one of my favourite nomura character designs. KH2 is still my fav kh game and hopefully kh3 will top it! Now I have that out of the way, let's catch up! I still see a few familiar names here that I recognise and I hope you guys are doing well! I'm doing okay myself and I still keep in contact with a few members from here who doesn't visit the forum already. I can't believe Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally gonna be here! It's been a hella crazy ride for all of us here. Like others many years ago, I too have moved on with my life from this forum due to commiting to work life and other irl stuff. I have applied a japanese language school last month and from the looks of it, I will be living there by july onwards for the next 2 years! I won't lie, joining kh forums have always been one of my best decisions with this forum being my last before moving on. I get to meet people from around the world and actually be friends with. I get to learn different cultures and new things (like lgbtq stuff here from this very forum when I first joined.). There may be some downs but I still appreciate the fun things we all did here when we were younger years ago. Some of you have graduated from school, colleges, and universities. Some of you are married and working right now. This forum is my most memorable one because not only did it helped me through a very dark period of my life when I first joined at the time, but also meet awesome and nice people here at the time. I will always be really thankful for that. It was a fun youthful time and I did wished we could've do that all over again having the time to do fun and dumb stuffs here. With Kingdom Hearts 3 FINALLY coming out in a few days, I feel a bit sentimental cause we're finally at the end of the waiting period and I'll miss the times we all waited. Okay. Not the waiting part hahahaha. I will always cherish the fun and dumb times that we all did here. The forum does look a hell lot different now and I'm glad the community is still alive and kicking! This place is gonna be busy starting this coming week i reckon! I hope you guys take care of yourselves and always ask some of the members here for life advice and guidance if you are having a hard time outside of this forum. It helped me here and I'm sure it'll help you too. ? Oh and have fun with Kingdom Hearts 3! It's been a long time coming ya'll! https://giphy.com/gifs/gowon-go-won-hi-high-cPOp7dp8hD6vnWzfym[/img] P.S - does gifs still works in this forum? I forgot. If it works. It works! LOL! P.P.S - And yup! Still an avid kpop fan and always will be!
  2. Will be back soon. It's nice to see some familiar names here.

    1. Xiro


      When peeps drop by when u ain't online


  3. Exactly 10 years ago today, I got to play KH2 for the first time and blasted through the whole game in less than 48 hours without sleep and on the night of Christmas Eve too. The wait for Kingdom Hearts 2 was legendary in the entire Kingdom Hearts community back in the day and was quite a stellar thing to witnessed at the time. I gotta say, this trailer is still epic to watch after all these years. P.S I know it technically came out in Japan 2 days ago but I got to play the game 2 days later. P.S.S I'll be back here soon. I'm still currently going through a phase in my life right now which I'll explain to you all in the near future. P.S.S.S P.S.S.S.S
  4. NOOO! XION UNNIE! What's going to happen to Roxas oppa in the next episode!!?? What about Axel oppa!? Why is Roxas oppa fighting Riku oppa!? T_T -------------------------------------------------- Did this while I was waiting for my dad to finish up his meeting at the office today. Was watching a Korean drama and this dumb idea suddenly came up. Curious about what was the particular song lyrics in the video? -------------------------------------------------- You drive me crazy, You make me cry, You're close as if I can catch you but when I do, You get far away like the wind Love is what I do alone, Love only leaves tears A crappy, foolish love -------------------------------------------------- The feels you guys. The feels.
  5. Screencap by yours truly. It's mostly early in the game. More screenshots here -> http://imgur.com/a/DXKGG It's been running fine for the PSVITA. I'm already at the end part of the game. There were some slowdowns when there's a lot of characters on screen but not much of a huge bad thing and still runs smoothly. Plus I can play anywhere!
  6. Thanks for recommending me to subscribe to Disney. He is one fine chap.
  7. Might as well browse around the forum since I have some time before going to bed.

  8. Hey guys! Sorry to ask you all out in the blue, but I need some help on what door gift is suitable for a gathering? So I'm part of the Malaysian Girls' Generation fanclub and I'm planning a gathering in 2 months time. Any idea for a door gift? there will be around 100 members or more who will be attending. As for the previous gathering, we gave out tinplate pins/badges as our door gift. I was thinking on giving out a personal name card or a fanclub business card for each member but it would take too long to make one I think. Any better ideas? Thanks by the way. =) ------------------------------------- This is one of the reasons why I wasn't in the forum as of late, plus I'm busy working and not at home till night time. So... yeah. =/
  9. Dropping by just to update the MH370 thread. I'll come back soon.

  10. After 17 days of questions, mysteries, Theories, and the world helping Malaysia to find the MH370.. Somewhere around west of Perth, Australia. Once again, Condolences to friends and families of the victims of MH370.
  11. Because it's literally raining on a Sunday morning over here, so why not.
  12. 140311 SBS MTV The Show (Mr.Mr.) (Maroon Suit!) More suit pictures! Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date (140308) One more picture to close out this post!
  13. Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful one!
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