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  1. The Kingdom Hearts youtube channel just uploaded new videos of the 60 second TGS trailer and at the end they've announced a new "limited edition" free upgrade where you get a pin if you preorder, just like 2.5 basically. Here's the UK version of the video:

    1. HumbleGamer


      There's a couple other videos in different languages, but there us no US specific video, not sure if that confirms or denys anything but it's just interesting to point out

  2. Oh boy, this guy again . Considering I'm having just as bad luck with my speed medals as I did in the Japanese version, this'll be a treat...
  3. Maybe it's linked to how many people are playing at certain times? Since more people are sleeping now and going offline friend medals won't be as plentiful? It could also depend on which Union you chose and the overall activity in the server at the time, don't know what to say about the loading screens though
  4. Quick Unchained X question: How does one actually use the Cid medals to reduce the cost of medals? I dont know where to go to activate it xD

  5. Yeah, thank you all so much, you've all made something wonderful here and you should be proud of it! This place has become more than just a center for news, but this has become a bustling community of wonderful, caring people, and there have been many friendships made because of this site and, naturally, you're work here as staff members. I'm really happy you all are here to keep things in check and under control, and I'm thrilled to be, if nothing else, a small part of this wonderful community you all have helped bring to us. Thank you all so much for your wonderful work everyone, remember to stay awesome! I hope you all here, including regular users as well, have a wonderfully fantastic day!
  6. So quick question about Unchained X: What does the six star Cid medal actually do? Also, is there any possibility we can transfer our avatars to the English version when it comes out?

    1. Yu Narukami

      Yu Narukami

      The Cid medal decreases the deck cost of a medal by 1, so its better used on other 6 star medals.


      You can back up your profile to your google account, but I don't know if that profile would sync with the English version.

    2. HumbleGamer


      Right I see, thank "Yu" man! ...I'm sorry, please dont hurt me for the horrible pun xD

  7. Oh my goodness, that's amazing! I feel like I'm looking at the concept art! Great job man!
  8. Oh my goodness, gravity falls today was amazing! Now the agonizing part is waiting for the next episode to come xD

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    2. Shard the Gentleman

      Shard the Gentleman

      Just checked, Nov 9th.


      And same!!

    3. HumbleGamer


      Oh sweet! Now I have an exact date to base my hype off of, and very soon after The premium theatre at D23 as well. Man, now if only Steven Universe wasn't on hiatus I would actually be in gaming/cartoon heaven right now xD

    4. Shard the Gentleman
  9. Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here . Also, hooray for RWBY!
  10. 1 quarter of the school year down, 3 more painful quarters to go... xD

  11. Ah... Well, thank you for letting us know, sorry about this
  12. I think he'd die as well, if the growing old episode is anything to go by. It's clearly illustrated that even though gems don't die of aging Steven definitely can because of his human half, and it's also stated that he's organic so I think if he were to be, say, stabbed in the heart then he would probably perish. Now as to the possibility of Rose coming back I genuinely have no idea, that's quite an interesting theory actually.
  13. Unchained X has been announced a while before 2.8, and KH3 is confirmed to be farther away than the fans hope, and considering Unchained X is supposed to be our traditional KH game for the year for then I think it's wise to say Unchained X should come first, then 2.8 and then finally KH3.
  14. I personally prefer having the box in my hand, it feels so much nicer to me, so I'm going to go with physical.
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