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  1. It seems this is actually fake, fanmade art from a while back. http://7namine.deviantart.com/art/Kingdom-Hearts-3-Poster-474455307
  2. Kermit is one of my number one role models. No matter how Kermit's voice may adjust over time, as long as he stays the same wonderful frog, Muppet, and person, I will always love him.
  3. I won't quit, but if the next saga looks to be anywhere near as asinine as the current one is, I'll be a lot less invested. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series, but the ridiculous plot is too much and I feel like it sours itself in an attempt to be too complex. I miss simpler stuff like KH1, but prefer the gameplay of newer games. 0.2 gave me a little bit of hope between shared quality in story and gameplay though.
  4. Mickey's gonna force Riku into slaughtering a world into darkness just to save Aqua. It's like the KH version of that age old "if you had to make a train run over one person you know or countless people you don't know, who would you choose?" question
  5. If you want something more akin to Persona 5, give 3 and 4 ago. If you like 5, there is a high chance you might like them. However, you also might not like them quite as much, it'll depend on you. I recommend playing Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, which are imo the best versions of their respective games. (People say Persona 3 FES on PS2 is better, but I disagree--Persona 3 Portable is more convenient and compact than FES and all you're missing is a grind-y epilogue that you can watch on Youtube.) If you can't get a hold of Persona 3 Portable, FES is alright but you can't control your party members so I'd recommend going into it solely for story than gameplay and probably put the game on easy just to get by. Persona 4 Golden has some perks over Persona 4, but nothing too groundbreaking. Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 can both be bought on PSN to play on PS3. As for older titles, the Persona 2 duo of games are really good too imo, but a little dated and very different. I personally like the tone and characters a lot. Both games have PSP remakes, but only one of them was localized---as for the original versions of PS1, the one which didn't have its PSP remake localized was actually the localized one. So you'd have to play one game on PS1, and the other on PSP. When it comes to Persona 1, it can come off as super dated and sluggish for some people, even the PSP remake. It's probably the most irrelevant and forgotten of the series, so it's no biggie to stress over unless you certainly want to play. Meanwhile there are spin-offs for Persona 3 and Persona 4 that connect both games; Persona 4 Arena, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and Persona Q. The Arena games are on PS3/XBox 360. The games are very different in gameplay, so it's recommended you play 3 and 4 first. 4 also has a spin-off all to itself called Persona 4 Dancing All Night which is on PS Vita. It's.... a dancing game, but personally I love it. God I hope so. I'd be nice to see the older games brought back from the dead in Persona 5's engine. Hope they remake both games andkeepjungayatlusplease
  6. None I deleted the game early this year and have felt freedom ever since.
  7. Literally same. This is the most uninspired playlist ever, none of this even has to do with KH besides some of the tacky Disney remixes.
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