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  1. Re:Mind me to get this when it releases. Also, it's nice to see them actually finish this game. It felt VERY incomplete at first.
  2. Seems like this game is going to need a Final Mix version or DLC to really feel complete. For one, there are a few inconsistencies in the story that occur in the second half of the game. There's a lack of any challenging bonus fights, no Colosseum, no Critical Mode, and unlocking the secret movie was too easy. Also, am I the only one that feels like production cost (not to mention licensing) was wasted on that one Frozen scene? Anyway, there are a few other gripes I have with this game, but most of it is on the story, which felt like it had no solid build-up, and I was honestly slightly disappointed with what we got for a game that many of us have been waiting over a decade for. Don't get me wrong, I still loved the game! The Gummi Ship system has been improved tremendously (though the inability to upgrade your grid size left me feeling a bit sad). The ship battles in the Caribbean were pretty dope, and I absolutely love some of the Keyblade forms! But there are definitely some shortcomings with this game, and I'm really hoping that any Final Mix version we get of it, whether physical or through DLC, will add more replay value to it. Otherwise, I've pretty much already gotten what I can out of the game in the 54 hours I've spent on it. **Edit for some elaboration** [Story - 5/10] They REALLY could have done better in this department. There was little build-up, no real transition to the climax, and the ending left me rather disappointed. Also, that secret movie? (Everyone whose seen it already knows what I'm talking about)
  3. Kairi prays at an altar Xehanort comes down Sephiroth-style and kills her (extracts her heart) in order to summon Meteor-er... Kingdom Hearts Sora is enraged and heart falls to darkness Xehanort summons Kingdom Hearts and covers the worlds in darkness Sora and gang beat Xehanort, and Kairi's heart is sacrificed to restore light to the world Sora turns into FF7AC emo-depressed Cloud The End.
  4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Gameplay Trailer, plus release year/window. I do hope Moon/Microsoft are able to make it happen in Spring. Would be great if they released it on the four-year anniversary.
  5. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps5-still-three-years-away-says-playstation-boss/1100-6459155/ I'm not sure the whole lifespan thing means what everyone things it means. No surprise though, since Sony seemed rather vague on the topic. A system's lifespan ending, in this case, doesn't mean games will stop releasing it, or that Sony will stop supporting it. I think for Sony, it means two things: 1) The PS4, has reached it's mid-life, which means that sales will continue to decline at this point, and 2) Sony needs to shift internal focus toward developing a new console, which, according to the above article, is still about three years away. Makes sense, considering Sony has gone with seven years between new generations, vs Nintendo's rather rapid 5-year approach. Either way, seems like a lot of people were falling into the whole doom-and-gloom trap, where they thought that the PS4 would be ending production soon - it's not. It's just that the PS4 has already reached its climax, and is now on a downhill slope until it reaches its denouement.
  6. Kairi will heal better than Donald, and will provide OP support, just like in KHUx. Joking aside, I expect some degree of magic. If they add a multiplayer mode - something better than Days and BBS, then hopefully we'll get to play as her.
  7. Very well done! Though I'd wager that the skirt will be a bit slimmer, as KHUx females are generally wider at the hip, and skirts/dresses usually angle out more, probably to avoid clipping issues. This is apparent, even with some of the outfits from other KH games. The KH2 Kairi and Namine outfits are prime examples of this.
  8. This is a stretch, but I'm going to introduce the idea that Riku may turn into a heartless in the Dark World. While I understand that Nobodies are born in the realm between, for all we know, Nomura may throw in some kind of wild card and be like "Since Riku turned into a Heartless in the dark realm, his Nobody was born there." Or, it could be some crazy thing where, when Ansem, who is a Heartless, took his body, a Nobody might have been created. Because let's face it, Nomura likes to confuse the hell out of us. Anyway, just throwing out random ideas. But I'm more in support for the Repliku theory than anything. I still can't help but remember one of his final lines "What happens when a fake dies? One like me? Where will my heart go?" It could well be that his heart ended up in the dark realm, especially since he was still dawning the darkness. In regards to him maybe being part of Organization XIII, I guess I could see it. Especially since he was very lost in the end. He was desperately trying to gain an identity. It would be tragic though, if he did become an Organization XIII member, considering he would only end up becoming, essentially, just another "fake". I'm eager to see what kind of ending he might get. **EDIT** In regards to the comments about Riku leaving a broken Keyblade behind, I do wonder... if his "other" self were to touch it, would it maybe help him to manifest him own Keyblade, kinda like a Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony thing? Especially if it does turn out to be Repliku, since he was only really made as a result of what data Vexen had on Riku, so he couldn't inherit being one of the Keyblade's chosen. Just another random idea.
  9. If the figure is related to Strelitzia, I don't think that they would be a Nobody. If I had to go wild on theories myself, which is something I have done on occasion, I'd say that she would appear in a black coat in the Player's dreams. This may be far-fetched, but I like to think of DDD in this scenario. Remember when Riku met himself wearing a black coat in Pinocchio's world? Riku was in a dream version of Pinocchio's world at the time. Now, perhaps our sleeping player isn't necessary tied to the realm of sleep right now, but it may still provide some kind of hint. If Strelitzia were to manifest in some way, it would likely only be in the player's dreams. After all, she no longer has a body, and she never turned into a heartless. If, however, her heart found her way to the player, then she may be able to enter their dreams. However, because her face is not familiar to the player, or, since we all know how timid she is, it could be that she initially appears as a hooded figure. But anyway, I digress from my theory. This is just the way I view the present situation in KHUx. Whether I'm right or wrong to any degree will be answered in the future.
  10. Carambola (aka, star fruit), as @Cricket suggested.
  11. I'm quite positive that Lauriam murdered Strelitzia. After Brightness/Contrast in Photoshop
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