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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I see i didnt know it was scheduled like that thanks any specific mission?
  2. Where can I find Mythril gems? im at mission 314, level 104 and I need about 10 of them.
  3. anyone know how many missions there currently are in unchained x?

    1. HumbleGamer


      375 in terms of story misdioms, there are also extra coliseum matches and daily scheduled challenges

    2. The_eternal_nothing


      thanks im almost at 200 thought i was close to the end guess not lol

    3. HumbleGamer


      Haha, well at the time of the app's launch you'd be close, but ever since then they've been adding more stuff to it so that's why it's taking longer :P

  4. Basically what the topic says i have a character on kh chi that i would like to transfer to unchained x i heard this is possible but after trying for a bit im not too sure
  5. hey guys im trying to carry over my account from kh chi to unchained but the only options it gives me are to sign in with google + fb twitter and some other site but i only have a japanese yahoo

  6. out of all the original kh worlds traverse towns the least appealing imo although i'd still live there seems like a good community and a fun place to explore
  7. Hedgehogs Power Rangers Darkness's that Board game Xenahort Eraqueeze Shit storms
  8. FFXIII-2 never finished lightning returns and idk this game just had a really cool feel to it loved caius as the as the antagonist
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