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  1. Besides Zelda dlc and bayonetta trilogy for switch, it was awesome to hear xemnas in soul calibur
  2. even though i'm not a fan, probably soul calibur VI with link as an exclusive character for switch
  3. Donna koto means: what kind of... Mittsu kita: here comes three ( this one I’m not sure but it definitely mentions three) Sono koto: that thing Of the second picture it says: I want keep working a bit more Sorry I’m not sure about the rest
  4. OMG!!! This is too much, and I'm currently playing re chain of memories!
  5. I never heard about him before FFXV but now he's in Kingdom Hearts and now in another of my favorite series (fire emblem), what's next? A new Nolan North and Troy Baker has risen
  6. Today I'm gonna buy the game but I've been thinking, is it in 60fps? I have normal PS4
  7. I'm here waiting the news that the Wii U version of breath of the wild also releases on march 3rd Who joins me?
  8. Hahaha, I chose that one too, it was the ultima form or something like that right?
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