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  1. Hey man how's it going

  2. Two rainbow roads are enough not my favorite track
  3. I felt like they didn't want to make the new rainbow road epic because then the next Mario Kart game fans would be expecting something a bit more only for fans to be disappointed. This way the next one will be slightly better and so forth!
  4. That made me laugh when Bowser cracked his back awesome video!
  5. Okay I know a lot of you don't trust me right now but everything I post here is true. My real name is Jonathan Timm - Doerflinger I live in Wisconsin, USA I am 25 years old I have a cogenitive learning disability; which takes me a bit longer to understand things and my vocabulary isn't very good from it. I do love Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, And Ratchet and Clank oh and Pokemon! My favorite color is blue Honestly I am very nice person that acts more goofy than serious I don't have any real life friends at the moment because most of them all moved away I have my own condo I never had a girlfriend or boyfriend I guess I am attention seeker because I don't have any friends I lost my best friend/father in 2009 and it has made me very depressed with life. Sometimes I cry my self to sleep because I get so depressed with life I work two jobs that pay very well but most of it lately has been going towards my condo and car I only have a 3DS at the moment And I love Family Guy, South Park and Pokemon TV Shows.
  6. Guys something is seriously wrong with me I'm actually scared and sad right now I seriously hope they can figure out what is wrong with me because also my family is scared too.
  7. ill be back in a week after my appointment
  8. because it's like what I said I need attention because I'm useless in the real world and because I don't have anyone to make me happy. Half the time I'm depressed and sad and just getting attention somewhat makes me happy.
  9. no. That was a lie, we were just out to dinner and took a selfie.
  10. On the path to recovery!

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    2. Sorual


      same. i hope he eventually comes back.

    3. King_Graham


      Okay Sorual. I still hope he comes back.



    4. Sorual


      i guess we all miss him.

  11. im going to the doctor next week to help see if I suffer through any disorders. And hopefully be put on the path to recovery. So guys I take my leave here! thank you guys!
  12. For lying to you all I never had a girlfriend that was a lie. I'm sure me apologizing won't help this time and I'm sure you all are fed up with me at this point. So what's my problem you ask? I don't even know the answer to that! I guess I love attention because I don't get any of it at home since my brother and sister get it all. Honestly I am much better than this I know I am. To think i have sunken this low! I am disgusted with my self. So Shana and D I am so sorry heck I am sorry to everyone! Even my friends! That girl in the picture was my sister Harmony.
  13. That is awesome news Sora thanks! Maybe USA will be soon too!
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