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  1. You guys do realize that they don't necessarily mean the length of Worlds from prior games right? It's on the PS4, so that likely means it'll be the length of a world from KHIII.
  2. Hey girl! I haven't heard from you in ages! You doing ok?

    1. MysticVriska


      Oh hey!! I'm doing as ok as i can be, how have you been girl?

    2. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      I've been doing alright. I'm back at school now.

    3. MysticVriska


      Good to know. :D Oh dang, how many more years are you supposed to have?

  3. Confirmation or not, a new world reveal would easily be doable since he stated there's a lot more they could have shown if they had the time. I think there will be at least one new world reveal in both countries D23 presentations.
  4. The news post does confirm that KHIII will be there with new stuff, sooo..That says a lot.
  5. Don't forget that Disney Interactive themselves are working much more closely with this KH than any prior title though.
  6. In my case, i'd mainly want to thank them for bringing the Kingdom Hearts series.
  7. Hmmmm...i wonder if the last answer is meant to imply that they will reveal new images that show other worlds, but without actual info to go with them?
  8. Welcome to being a member of the forums!! Hope you have a nice time!
  9. No, those aren't really QTE's, as such things are scripted into certain battles. You have to be skilled with the controller to always get certain RC's though, so I would say they are basically like you're doing the moves regardless.
  10. They announced the Engine change last Autumn, and then it turned out the Engine change was actually prior to E3 2013. Do you see where i'm going with this? Combined with the fact they said what they just showed at E3 was just a snippet of the full assets, and I'm led to believe the basic foundations were completed at least a year ago. My further reasoning is that they do this because of what happened last Gen, and so, they withhold on the true progress, and we then see it sooner than we're led to believe. I will admit I could be wrong in this instance, but recent revealments feel like this viewpoint has weight. Whether it looks worse to you not is up to personal interpretation. I'm just trying to view it neutrally.
  11. ..excerpt it's pretty clear that they've kept being further ahead than everything they've claimed. I'm not saying this doesn't have truth to it, but he could be saying that on one hand, but on the other hand hand, other elements are also just as far ahead
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