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  1. Oh Pandy dear! Congrats on the reuniting of the lavender lord. :D Take care of him.

  2. Hello! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and an awesome New Year's day :D

    1. Forever


      Thanks, Hermy. :3 I hope your Christmas and New Year's Day were awesome as well! <3

    2. Xer
  3. Merry Christmas Pandy!

    1. Forever


      Aw, thanks Ally. Hope you had a good one as well. <3

    2. Alicia Maddox
  4. Such beautiful work!! Cloud looks incredibly ripped though, wow!
  5. That would be so cool!! Way better than keeping everything so secret.

    1. Daniel Black

      Daniel Black

      Ok... M for mature for everyone xD


    2. Forever


      Ikr?? I like how since this is Smash, they won't make her completely naked. Hahaha. xD

  7. That moment when you're at work, and suddenly Stormtroopers walk through the place, promoting the new film. Damn the hype for this new film is unlike anything I've ever seen!!

    1. Xiro


      The Empire is trying to seize your establishment!

    2. Forever


      I know, maaaaan!! My body wasn't ready for dat DARK SIDE!!

  8. His kidnapper. That's right- Kingdom Hearts is actually about a boy escaping from captivity via a window, and destroying his entire home as a means of punishment. Hence, why he has no remorse or concern when the Islands succumb to Darkness.
  9. OH. MY. HONEY-SUCKING GAWD. What I wouldn't give to have one solitary moment with those golden abs!!! TTwTT
  10. Pffffffffffffffffffffft! Silly children, we all know Marluxia is going to be a Darkness.
  11. Aww, Michelle? What a beautiful name! Welcome to the site, Kupo! I'm certain you'll fit right on in!! ^w^
  12. I was a little, 8 year old girl who knew nothing about playing videogames. One night, my mother came home from her job at a movie/videogame rental store, and gave me and my older cousin Kingdom Hearts 1 (it had only been out a few months, or so). I protested, but my mother insisted that we play it, and to my surprise, it was the best game EVER!!! Been swingin' Keyblades ever since.... (I'm 20 now. ^w^)
  13. Wow, 2.8 is going to be 60 bucks? Will it even be that long?? o.o

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Xiro


      2 full games + 1 movie = $30

      1 full game (with questionable adjustments) + 1 movie + 4-5 hour thingy = $60

      Yep, makes sense.

      @Pandy The struggle of the Fandom Slave is too real

    3. Svard


      Whether or not it's worth it depends on what kind of value you, yourself, place on it. I, personally, will buy it, simply because I have the money. I probably won't replay 3D for a long while, so I'm mainly getting it for the other content. Thus, technically, it won't be worth it for me.

    4. Rinax


      Aren't most PS4 games at least $60 anyway? That's what I've been seeing.

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