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  1. I believe the right thing you should tell him is "Daddy"
  2. God damnit! I usually do these yearly. There's literally no reason I come to KH13 besides that I HAD ONE JOB Happy birthday Weedanort! Have an awesome day, you tall mothertrucker! Some birthday presents: ILY Man
  3. Nice story, first time I joined this forum I had only played Re:Coded. I collected them all though (almost all)
  4. You still got it. 100% of tall goodness in here amagad
  5. That music was just such a terrible aspect about that trailer, and the trailer itself wasn't very impactful now was it?
  6. Just out of curiosity, why not? Have they firetrucked up lately?
  7. Xer

    Hey There.

    Hey, welcome to KH13! Have an awesome time here.
  8. ohmygawsh new glasses ^-^

  9. Massimiliano actually sounds pretty freaking cool, Max. Have an amazing time here on KH13 ^-^
  10. Are you kidding me lol. Asides from most people buying different gaming platforms just to play the prequels/sequels you want dlcs with exclusive stuff? KH 3.1 features a goofy hat, KH 3.2 features a goofy shoe, KH3.3 features the other goofy shoe, and if you buy all these 3 dlcs, for the price of another DLC you can get his armor. In addition to this, buy 6 other silly dlcs to get donald's clothes. And in the meanwhile, why don't you dress Sora like a princess? Only 39,99 for KH3.11, and that does not include the Keyblade pack! Good riddance! PS: For 69,99 you can get Kairi's clothes. Completely cosmetic and non playable.
  11. Haaaaai guys ^-^

  12. I wish they'd add more character customization features. They seemed kind of lacking. For example height and types of hair. More characters would be awesome, and from different dimensions, because Xenoverse itself is very dimensional. Like a SSJ3-SSJ4 Broly, and SSJ3 Vegeta etc.
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