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  1. Successful summon! There you go: http://i.imgur.com/I5PrC6e.png
  2. why would Sora wear Roxas' Clothing and Roxas wear Sora's?

  3. Thank you guys! I really appreciate this!
  4. hi how are you doing today

    1. Everglow


      Pretty good thanks, just sleepy. :P

    2. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Its good to hear that you are okay :3 i love your avatar

  5. Awww, look at what I found! Thanks for the appreciation topic, it actually motivates me to keep going. I know I may get boring whenever you see me uploading hundreds of cutscenes at once, but hey, KH13 needs them, and I must be there for you. Do not think that I enjoy uploading videos like that, but every "job" has its negative sides. To those who think that I never die in my playthroughs... I appreciate your confidence, but do not forget that I'm still human! I do die. But trust me, 99% of the time I restart a battle only because I don't like how the finisher came out. For example, I had to fight Oogie Boogie about 15 times in order to get this: Another example, I always steal Roxas' Keyblades when The Other Promise is reaching its highest pitch. If it's not happening, I let him defeat me and I start the battle over. I want to leave my own mark on my videos, dealing the best looking finishers on enemies, walking in some specific areas instead of running, using camera with some special angles and stuff like that. What's bad about this? It requires time. I could deliver the fastest playthrough on every KH game if I just played without thinking of all these details. Spending time leads me to have less views than those people who play on easier modes without caring of those things I normally do. No other Youtuber would spend their time fighting a boss 15 times just for dealing a nice finisher, and I understand that. I'm just stupid, that's it. But hey, at least I'm the only stupid on the planet providing a fully translated version of KHx!
  6. Hey Everglow, I just need to thank you for the very extensive Lingering Will walkthrough you posted a while back off the Japanese version of the game. I just took out all of Data Organization XIII, also with help from your videos on a few of them, and the Lingering Will is my next project. Your walkthrough has led me to get pretty far into the battle, and I know I will win eventually by learning from your video.

    1. Everglow


      Glad I could help! :)

  7. Marco, mi devi dire come hai fatto a usare il font dei minigame di KH nella walkthrough di KH X[Chi]. Intendo quello con cui hai scritto "Main Mission" nei video )^:

    1. Everglow


      In realtà ho solo preso le lettere da altre parole nel gioco e le ho unite tra loro per formare la scritta "Main Mission" :)

    2. Swordinger


      Sei un vero e proprio bastardo hahahahahaha

      No, a parte gli scherzi pensavo ci fosse davvero quel font hahaha ora piango fino a domani.

  8. Hey Everglow! I'm curious about something: How do did you go about extracting the music from the games, and what bit rate, sample rate, and file do you use to upload it onto youtube?

  9. When you finish 2.5, can you play them all in chrono order?

  10. I'd also like to draw your attention to Ephemera's name itself. Ephemera = 'ephemeral' = 'Lasting for a markedly brief time'. It's a word used in both Greek and Latin, which still means something lasting a short period of time. And we all know about Nomura's love for Latin.
  11. I recommend you to watch the English playthrough we're working on: Basically the Daybreak Town parts are the most relevant ones. The story is told in a pretty fluent way, so watching one part per day won't kill you
  12. There's no need to be disappointed by this, since the only noticeable quote taken from Ventus is a finisher one, which sounds just fine on Roxas. There's a great concept of continuity in this Collection, since those people who played the NDS version of Days (and even Re:coded) will hear Roxas fighting just like there. I played it myself so I can guarantee that I've got a very good impression and appreciated Square Enix's effort to address something like that. They didn't do the same for the Japanese version, where Roxas' voice is still terrible. I'm hoping so.
  13. He definitely has these 'new' battle quotes in the prologue, and I'm sure he'll have them when you're fighting him as Sora as well. Like, when Roxas gets hurt, he does the same cry as the one from the NDS version of 358/2 Days. I haven't heard his "Come on!" finisher quote though, so that may be replaced with a proper sentence as well, which technically should be "Nice try!" or "You're finished!", or another Ventus' quote.
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