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  1. I started a genocide run of Undertale and I already feel like the worst human being alive.

  2. You guys complain now, but wait until the zombie epidemic comes around and all the bread in the world has gone stale.
  3. I'm still going to wait until right before KH3 comes out to get one. There just aren't enough games on it yet for me to invest in it. And I'm a cheapskate
  4. I think the writing will be excellent. It's more of a psychological thing. The higher people's anticipation is, the higher their expectations will be. KH3 is going to have to live up to a pretty high bar, but it may fall short of the mark for many people especially those that don't dedicate the time to understand everything in the story so far.
  5. Doesn't mean other writers can't overthink too It wouldn't be the same story at all, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be good. If anything the build up of anticipation for KH3 may be its downfall if it doesn't live up to expectations.
  6. If only they didn't hold off KH3 for so long. All that time making side games has made the story writers over think everything. Things wouldn't have turned out like this if they had made KH3 a long time ago.
  7. This series is making me feel bad for not taking math since high school

  8. I'm not going yo buy a PS4 for KH2.8 (KH3 is another story) so I will probably spoil myself. I'm going to feel so dirty doing it though I have never been spoiled for a KH game before so it's going to be weird.
  9. You're alive~! (Looks like you've been alive for a while, but I just haven't seen you in a good while xP)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xiro



      So, how's life?

    3. Oishii


      Kind of boring. Is yours good?

    4. Xiro


      It's been kinda busy, with starting college and all xDx But it's definitely not bad (yet)

  10. I just realized we're going to get a 3D model of Ephemera \(*T▽T*)/

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    2. Oli


      Totally agree with you, Ephemera's design is beautiful.

    3. TheEightMelodies


      Oh I didn't realize that. Yess! Gotta love that scarf! :D

    4. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd
  11. What about having all the games on one console, SE? I guess I should cross my fingers for a PS4 price drop soon. Though it's possible they could be announcing other consoles later. KH3 is going to be on XB1 too so I would be surprised they wouldn't have this one on it as well. Edit: Looks like Japan is getting a price drop to 34,900 yen this year. Hopefully this price drop ends up happening globally
  12. I just beat party hard with the main character. Now those youngsters will know to keep their music down!

  13. I think it'll be hard to find you since there are a lot of parties to look through, but you can invite people to your party (It's the first option on that menu). You will need the player's ID number if I'm right. The ID number is on the top right corner of everyone's profile so those who want to join need to share that. Also, I was mistaken. Jewels can be made in the game. I think I pressed another button and it asked me if I wanted to buy some with money and that's how I got confused If you want to switch unions, go to その他 and select ユニオンの移籍. It will warn you that it costs 100 jewels (the purple medal with the gold star in the center), you will be kicked out of whatever party you're in, and your weekly and monthly lux count will be reset to zero (this won't affect your level). Select the red button to confirm. From there you will go to the heart station and can choose a new union.
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