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  1. Blossom... Where did you go? We miss you ;~;

  2. Im tired and I have a room to clean. Which means I am logging off now. Bye, Ill see you when I log back in

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    2. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara

      oh dang Gil, I was thinking about posting on this status too

    3. Shuichi Saihara
    4. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara


  3. I want to buy it buy I dont have money Im sorrryyy! I want it so bad
  4. The end: And so, Roxas and Xion lived happily ever after Me:....Somebody please give me a gif for this
  5. Thanks! No pressure! If youre too busy, dont worry about it! I do like your poems though.
  6. I liked Atlantica, but I usually like things that most KH fans dont like lol (Re:coded)
  7. Any you like! Maybe one about Namine? Only if you need a suggestion, because im fine with any poem you would write for me
  8. I really have to clean my room but I dont want to.

  9. No problem! Can you write me a poem?
  10. Theres this inside joke between KH13 members. "KH13 will steal your soul" And it does, and your time, and your sleep, and your feelings, and prettu much everything. AND WE ALL LOVE IT!!! also, im most likely late on this, but happy birthday Aaron!
  11. Omg awesome picture! I wish more people could do this kind of thing. Ah yes I also would contribute if I knew how to draw lol
  12. Omg yes!!! I can finally read it! So glad they're finally putting it in English!
  13. Thank you! Lala that is me! *Begins to try and clap like Sherlock but looks like a dork*
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