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  1. I tend to use it as a counterattack, but that's because i use the R+A combo instead of the L button. it's a pretty versatile move on most characters, i'd suggest figuring out which buttons work best for it.
  2. It's good to see they are TRYING to keep it balanced, even though it's difficult. Besides, Magic Bounce is a great ability all around.
  3. well yeah 's only been seven months, i guess
  4. I dunno if it really needs a sequel, considering how final the ending was. I'd rather not press for a sequel either, since that often doesn't turn out well.
  5. hello again, everyone

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    2. OthersiderME


      yeah, it's nice to be here, i guess.


      congrats on your newfound mod powers, by the way

      that goes for both dan and zola

    3. Daniel Black

      Daniel Black

      Nah we are still users. xD just we will become more helpful I think ... xD


    4. Dave
  6. At this point, there is no spam, and no need to worry. Talking about it in a calm, informative way can only help, though. I wonder what the issue in the coding is?
  7. It might help by causing people to avoid saving around that area and potentially losing all of their data until a fix is found. Talking about problems is never a bad thing.This thread was not started to bitch about a problem, but to inform.
  8. It's because you aren't the original trainer for it, so he gains a 1.5x EXP boost. If he weren't a 'fateful encounter', he'd get normal EXP.
  9. I stated the facts in an easily understood way, does that upset you?
  10. C2C, Miike Snow, Quiet Company, Lemaitre, and Fitz and the Tantrums.
  11. One point doesn't make a line, one game doesn't set a trend. Gen V had more pokemon introduced than any other, even Gen I.
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