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  1. Seriously, I love the song, don't get me wrong, Chikai/Don't Think Twice is one of my all-time favorites, but jeez, can we hear some music from Yoko for once?
  2. I miss Hayden Panettiere, but Alyson Stoner is actually a good voice actor, and does a decent job as Kairi. I look forward to hearing her in KH3
  3. I preordered the Deluxe Edition with the Bring Arts figures. I was worried that it wouldn't come with the original box art, and I was stuck with the steelbook case. I hope that we actually get the original box art after we pre-order the deluxe edition!
  4. I thought it was hilarious how they said they couldn't understand the story at all, so they couldn't spoil it even if they tried haha
  5. "Yo what's goin on GAIS?! It is Cynical, and today for you GAIS, I got some SPICEY news today for you GAIS! Square Enix has released TWO new renders of PETE, and I must say, they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS."
  6. In my opinion, Re: Coded and 358/2 Days are complete opposites of each other. 358/2 Days had a great story, but the gameplay was bad, and Re: Coded had a forgettable story, but the gameplay was actually fun. I think Re: Coded had the best Command deck in the series, next to BBS. It's up to you, but if I were you, I would just watch the cinematics on the HD Collections.
  7. Oh, thanks! Man, the secrets the Japanese trailers have...
  8. WE'RE TOO LATE!!!!!!!

  9. In a nutshell: Salty yet sweet. But yeah I'm okay with it for sure. I'm just happy we finally have a release date after all of these years! I'm a little salty it got delayed, but it's not too far off. I think they delayed it on behalf of the feedback from the Premiere event, so this could mean the combat and other aspects of the game will be polished and tweaked to perfection, so I'm alright with this. January 29th 2019 will be a day to remember!
  10. Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I'll be sure to post when I get it done!
  11. Hey guys, so I've decided to start creating my own cosplay for this year's comic con, and I want to go as Sora in his KH3 outfit to celebrate Kingdom Hearts 3 coming this year! Do you guys have any suggestions on how to go about making the costume from scratch? Thanks!
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