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  1. In KHFM, I just noticed it says we can change the keyCHAINS on the keyblades... how do I do that?

    1. HarLea Quinn

      HarLea Quinn

      You do that everytime you equip a different "keyblade"- it's the keychain you are actually changing ( not a different keyblade itself)

    2. wayfinder823


      Oh no way! Wow that makes more sense. Haha thanks!

    3. HarLea Quinn
  2. I want my puppy back... it was so cute as a Lillipup...

  3. My Pokemon love will always go out to Generation II or Soul Silver/Heart Gold. But... Gen V has been seeping in a bit... As for Pokemon design, before I played the game, i thought most of them were just ridiculous looking, but after playing most of the game, I've kinda grown a liking for them. They're actually not that bad of a design. Some of them are still really weird--like that Gingerbread thing with the white hair? wtf? But I still think overall, my favorite is Gen ii
  4. Makes sense! Maybe he was concerned that hatok might be the next Avatar...
  5. I've given up on crushes a looong time ago, haven't crushed on a guy since 2008ish... They're not bad, but sometimes when you over fantasize over the crush, it can lead to real serious heart break and devastation. But if you keep it healthy, I don't see the problem with having one.
  6. People who say we need to be more tolerant toward others, then insult Christians. Okay! Do as you say, not as you do, I see....

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    2. wayfinder823


      So... by that sense, FireRubies, **hypothetically**, if I liked to argue with all this "gay rights" logic, that'd be justified, because I "like to argue it," and because seeing the red equality sign everywhere is getting on my nerve, so it's even more justified to insult them. Right? Because it's annoying.

      I don't see how that argument is really helping you here...

    3. Koko


      gay rights has to do with people oppressed in society

      christians are not oppressed and christianity is a choice

      the two are not comparable

    4. FireRubies1


      Well your original post just made it seem as if we were as intolerant to some people as (a few of them) are to us. What I meant was arguing with the Bible's logic is really as far as I go with intolerance. I don't really like going on the topic either way.

  7. Okay guys, help me out. Going to Game Stop soon for a new Pokemon game, because I've been itching to play a new one. Already have SS, so tell me which Pokemon game I should get

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    2. wayfinder823


      Why would you suggest a game you've never played before? haha

    3. keybladeknight


      because it comes first then B2/W2

    4. Shana09


      BW, it's still my favourite one so far.

      You don't have to play it first but if you do you get a better experience in BW2

  8. The ability to have other options that affect the rest of the story. I'm not talking about you choosing a Pokemon, then your rival picks the ones your weakest to. I mean like real options. Like...becoming part of a group, like an Ace Trainer, or a Lass, or a Cowboy/girl, or a Nerd, Or... So-n-So trainer needs help. Do you help them? Declining will a consequence, and helping him will have a different consequence. I think it'll make replaying the games more fun, more options, more combinations, new experiences. Other than just developing a new team every time around... which I almost never do...
  9. You expect me to take care of your child for a week, but you refuse to sleep train your child because "it hurts to hear you child cry"? Do you want me to murder myself while your gone?

  10. Oh yeah, I've listened to this like... a year ago? It's nice.
  11. Yeah... that's not really a prophecy. Just a wondering statement that later became true. (Kind off...)
  12. Am I the only person who doesn't really care for music...?

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