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  1. What I need to know is not the content, but the how it will be included. I really would like this dlc to be included smoothly as part of the main game (extra quests) instead of having to launch it from the main menu which breaks the storytelling. FFXV had an amazing story if all dlc were included in the game. Instead, it feels like an after thought. I don't want kh3 dlc to feel like an after thought. It should be like a director's cut.
  2. I would like to know what is in the dlc at least. Hard to rejoice for something you know nothing about.
  3. Well among those 20 bosses some were reused from the main quest. The new bosses were Vexen Lexaeus Zexion Marluxia Larxene Roxas and Lingering Will.
  4. You should play it. It adds: 1 new story boss + the 6 org members that were killed in chain of memories + 1 new secret hard boss. It only adds a new hidden level under hollow bastion, and tons of side quests.
  5. Hmmmm. Is it the secret episode (in which cas it is fine), or is it the whole DLC? It has to be smoothly integrated like previous final mix, not like this terrible FFXV (which has a good scenario when put in order).
  6. I am nervous when I hear the name episode. I don't want to have a section episode in the main menu that would load a different version of the game. It has to be part of the main save file.
  7. I hope that "episode" does not mean having to go to the main menu independently on the save file and our stats. We don't want to reproduce ffxv terrible narration.
  8. They put a lot of details in unseen locations. My guess is that they removed some cutscenes of the youth of Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus. Hopefully, they will be completed soon.
  9. I don't think Namora can change what happened to Kairi. What is done is done. But they could send Namine on a DLC mission in the Final World to save Kairi. At least one of them would shine.
  10. KH Vanilla: Disney editions for casual KH Final Mix: The real version for the fans. We just need to be patient.
  11. A bright future for the serie. What I expect this year is: 1. A final mix dlc 2. release of the whole saga on xbox and pc and potentially some of the games on switch.
  12. I would have liked some info about a potential pc port of the whole serie. A lot of people would join the community.
  13. This is great news. Now waiting for pc and xbox port to make it complete. This is a great year to become a kh fan.
  14. Also, many people were shocked when they realised it was not a conclusion. I was relieved. I am not mentally stable enough to live in a world where the serie has ended, haha.
  15. It was like this for kh2. It's too easy, too much x smashing, too many cutscenes. And now, people remember it as the best one. Probably because of the final mix updates. Since kh3 is most likely gonna receive a final mix dlc, the future of the game is very bright for me. Now remember what kingdom hearts is and why it has so many fans: Kingdom Hearts is a serie that tries ideas that should have never worked. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it fails. No KH game is perfect but each game is made with passion and that's why no matter what I'll always like those games. It doesn't mean that I won't criticize it, but if it gets criticised, it is because the serie is loved and we want it to constantly improve.
  16. What is weird is that KH3 has more story than Kh2. That's for sure. But it doesn't feel like it. And I think the reason is because there is no explorable section related with the main story that is just cutscenes. For example, there could be a hub at mysterious tower when characters should be able to talk about the main story, even if it is just some vague sentences.
  17. it is not new. It happened with kh2 too. Then the final mix came out. What happened here is probably that Disney was asking a lot from them for the disney properties and they had to cut some stuff. The rest will come as dlc.
  18. PC PC PC PC PC PC PC PC PC PC PC. And mabe xbox because they seem to be nice people all things considered.
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