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  1. In Kingdom Hearts there are few cutscenes I think that give hints toward Sora's and Kari's relationship.In Port Royal while Will and Elizabeth hug Goof and Donald noticed Sora's face is turning red,then Donald says "Aw I know who you're thinking about".Also in Halloween town while Jack and Sally dance Sora sees himself dancing with Kari. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6njjNMPQ-MA 2:08:42 in Port Royal.
  2. This clip was unused and removed from the final version of Kingdom Hearts II. This was only available in the beta version. Due to the game being more child-orientated, many content were removed from the game or trashed aside. Especially elements like romance and death. Sora and Riku were originally to be a couple in the game, but of course, Nomura's sexual fantasies had to be excluded from the game.
  3. I'm considering getting Kingdom Hearts 1.5. and 2.5 on my PS4 can you please tell me how bad are the bugs and glitches.
  4. I want him to be smart ,mature but not too mature,not naive like in DDD,have a little bit of a smart mouth and be a bit sassy.Also still retain that happy go lucky attitude and not go overboard with it in DDD.
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