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  1. Except money. Let's be blunt: In Japan the Xbox One's market is non-existent. That is a good portion of the people who are going to buy this game, and in the US it's barely doing that well. It's install base is almost half of the PS4's and Xbox loyalists (I.e. people who only play on Xbox) have never had a Kingdom Hearts Game, so it makes little point to port one of the later installments onto their system when they haven't had any of the previous games. From a marketing standpoint it makes no sense to release 2.8 on the Xbox One: The system is not selling. It's loyalists have never played any of the previous games. It makes no sense to release the final chapter prologue and not the other 2 collections. I would say they have every reason not to do it. Money is the greatest motivator and the money isn't there.
  2. Necropost, sorry: That is not necessarily true. The game is being made on DirectX 11 and on Unreal 4, both things that work quite well on the PC. It's not far fetched to say that they could squeeze in a PC port without having to delay the game too much. Plus at this point we have been given no release date despite how long it's been in production, I don't think delaying it silently will really harm it anymore. We don't even have a release date after all this time, so getting your hopes up for any release anytime soon is kind of pointless.
  3. My point is they are more or less trying to keep a system alive on a handful of games when their competitors don't need to rely on that. My point is that they are milking Smash Bros. for everything its worth and not in a savory way. It's more of an acceptance that it is all the Wii U.
  4. The Wii U I feel is a failure for one simple reason: Nintendo did not give us what they promised. I hold Nintendo accountable for claims they made to their fans and not follow through on them. They promised a system that appeals more to hardcore gamers, and a system that has far superior third party support and both of those things have been untrue. Third party support is actually WORSE on the Wii U than the original Wii. The system is clunky, and there are too many "hidden" fees to play an underpowered system. You need a Wiimote, rechargable batteries, and much more if you want to enjoy the FULL use of the system for more than like 4 games. Hell I only own a few games off the eShop (which is how a LOT OF PEOPLE BUY GAMES THESE DAYS SINCE NINTENDO DOESN'T MAKE ENOUGH AT LAUNCH SO THEY ARE ALWAYS SOLD OUT) and I am already almost halfway full in terms of storage for my 32GB unit. I will need to get an external hard drive very very soon. The PS4 at least comes with everything you need in the box. And sorry, but the argument of "sales don't matter" is not a good one. Sales affect the value of the system as a whole in many ways. Developers will choose not to develop for a platform that is not selling well, and this is going to affect the overall amount of third party support the Wii U has. The whole argument of "you buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games" is ridiculous. If Sony or Microsoft did that, people would throw a fit. Nintendo doesn't get a free pass for being Nintendo. When you promise me that I will be able to play my third party and get hardcore games on your system, you better deliver. If I have to invest in your competitor just to play 90% of my games then you have failed. What's even more annoying is that there is a rumor that the NX will NOT be as powerful as the PS4 and is not attempting to compete with the PS4. If this ends up being true then I say this: what's the point? Why bother releasing a new system if it doesn't compete with the two that are already kicking your ass? If they do this it's more or less just a repackaged Wii U probably without the gamepad. Third party is not going to flock to a system that is underpowered, because they can make better looking games on your competitors. Nintendo essentially made a console that plays Smash Bros. And it's clear that they think Smash Bros. will keep it alive. Look at all the crap that you can get for just Smash Bros.: -$100 Gamecube adapter that ONLY PLAYS SMASH BROS. -$40-50 Gamecube controller. -$5-15 Amiibos which are more or less the equivalent to micro-transactions when you think about it. -DLC for Smash Bros. Does anyone consider how much stuff you need to buy to get the "definitive" Smash Bros. experience? They are banking solely on Smash Bros. and it's pathetic. It's more pathetic that stuff that other companies do, Nintendo gets to do and everyone just shrugs it off. Amiibos are freakin' Microtransactions in physical form! They are even more expensive than micro-transactions too! What do they honestly do in games? Unlock costumes? Let you move your characters from one console to another? Don't we have SD cards? And the internet? Why do you need this stupid figure to do that? The Wii U is a failure in that it did not deliver what it promised almost 3 years later and it even had the advantage of a head start. It's also a failure in terms of sales. Nintendo really dropped the ball with this platform, and while I own one and I enjoy the few games that I DO have on it, I spend a majority of my time on my PS4 and PC.
  5. I want Kairi to have a bigger role, not for the sake of equality, but because they have pointed out how important she is for so long and she has done little more than be the damsel in distress. She could be a badass party member or co-op character.
  6. Hello! Welcome! It sounds like you could use some friends! Here, I'll fulfill that.
  7. Honestly... I was severely let down by Square Enix's conference. Shy of announcing FF7 getting rebooted, basically both it and KH are still heavily in development. I'm a little bummed that KH3 is not further along to where they can even give us more of a definitive release time or show anything beyond what appears to still be engine demos. It doesn't look like we are anywhere near a completed game. I also was VERY sad that despite using ENTIRELY Chrono Trigger music for their hype video, they did NOTHING with Chrono Trigger. :c
  8. I mean I can't deny that after all this teasing it would be kind of a kick in the dick to not show anything KH3 related.
  9. I'm not talking about me, I am talking about fans in general. We all know that fans have a tendency to overreact.
  10. Honestly, If they once again do not talk about KH3 after hamming it up for this long and teasing so long, I would not be surprised if KH3 never gets finished. At this point Square is standing on a fine line of pissing their fans off to no end. If they spent all this time teasing KH info and only give us a remake and a smartphone game, I think it's safe to say that there will be a lot of backlash from fans. At this point KH3 has been in talks for so long, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up as vaporware.
  11. Actually Square has been beating around the bush. They never exactly said KH3 was going to get a release date or anything like that. Just that major KH news was coming. They have announced everything else under the sun but they have never specifically said KH3.
  12. With E3 right around the corner I have noticed a trend. Square has announced and revealed almost every other thing they are doing, but they are dancing around KH3. So much teasing, so much insinuating, but at the end of the day, the only thing we really know for certain is that KH news will be at E3... For all we know they could pull the biggest dick moves and talk only about Unchained and a 3D remake because they have not specifically come forward and said KH3. Honestly and not even speaking from a personal standpoint: if this is all just a clever troll to keep people interested in KH3 when they have nothing to show for it, it will not have the effect they hope. It will instead be met with a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGE amount of backlash after all that teasing. It'll set the expectations for KH3 a lot higher, and may even bring it to the level where surpassing the hype becomes impossible. What do you think? Will you be upset if KH3 is not revealed?
  13. I hold onto mine, no way am I about to sell them to anyone so they can turn around and jack the value of old games up even further.
  14. I feel like remakes and remasters is all Capcom can do lately...
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