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  1. Alright thanks dude I'll update this if I see news about it
  2. Does anyone know if gamestop is going to do a preorder bonus for dream drop distance? and if so seeing I already preordered it do you guys think id still get the bonus?
  3. I havent played coded because i have no idea where to find it
  4. 720 i havent heard about yet, ps4 rumors have been circulating, and if it is what the rumors say its going to be a terrible system
  5. So Dream drop distance is suppose to take place after 2 right? In all of the trailers ive seen sora looks younger than he was in kh2, why is that? anyone know?
  6. dude sony what the heck, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US, I wish i could play all my ps2 games on my ps3 that would be awesome! and alot of people agree, and this has been called for change within the next system, so why are you ignoring our claims? and why the hell are you making it impossible to play used games on it? like seriously sony... why
  7. Hey, times are tough for you, times are tough for all of us, were all here as one big family and it looks like you need a friend right now, I'd like to be that friend to help you through this time, I cant help it, its my nature to want to help people. You are a beautiful individual, your amazing for who you are, my advice would be to move somewhere else start a new life and be happy, it seems like your a very good person, in fact it seems like your a wonderful individual, youve just fallen on some hard times and you cant get out of it. Your a strong person if youve gone through all that and still have atleast some will to keep on going, its time things got easier for you. Your and amazing individual and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
  8. You'll probably just have to trade it in unfortunately and buy the new one and spend a little more money
  9. Hey guys, its really been awhile hasnt it? almost 3 whole years since i was last on this site, I missed you guys, glad to see that this site is still alive and whatnot and id love to be on here more often, how is everyone?
  10. TERRA WAS SORA'S FATHER?! I mean they look alike so what if that was true? I know that disney doesnt want that to happen but im sure that square enix would think that its cool so what do u people think?
  11. VALOR AND FINAL FTW!! i just love to jump super high and did u know that if u get high jump lvl 4 and go to hundred acre wood u can accually jump of screen? thats awesome
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