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  1. "It all began with birth by sleep" said Nomura. And then KH X came..
  2. The first time I saw Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Cover Art. Seriously. There's mickey donald goofy and ff like characters? I'm in
  3. This guy should work for kingdom heart
  4. I've never seen such a brilliant people gathered in the same place (admit it,usually there will be a group of douchebag-people in some forum). These admins has proven to us that they ban douchebag-people from entering the site, or from re-entering it using different accounts just to create nore and more problems (that famous line, "trust me, we know")This is by far the best forum I have ever joined. Thanks to the staff
  5. It's amusing how people tend to forgot people that caring them the most when all they did was just a simple slight mistake that wasn't even a MISTAKE. C'mon fans, this site has given you so many information that you yourself wouldn't even get anywhere. Show some respect to people that care you the most
  6. If this really is happening. My mind wpuld blown to pieces with all the mysteries and all the retcon things happening in this series... BUT THAT WILL BE A GOOD STORY! KUDOS!!
  7. This thread is .. revived.. thank you guys for all of your response! Mostly I like the way you think about love. It is indeed beautiful to share this feeling with so many of you out there. And glad that Faith in Humanity is restored once again by you all
  8. We found our lost pokemon master. My the god bless him
  9. Team MYSTIC Level 8 Highest pokemon is Pinsir with 196 cp
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