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  1. Trying to get the card system down again in Re:Chain. Ugh lol

  2. This is likely the game that will finally make me give in and buy a Nintendo Switch :ohmy: I've been holding off for a good while now, and there are just too many good games (TWEWY included) now to put off buying one for much longer
  3. Might be quite some time before we ever get to play this remake, huh? Hoping it will be worth the wait. https://www.destructoid.com/the-final-fantasy-vii-remake-will-allegedly-be-released-by-2023-502866.phtml
  4. Story wise, Birth By Sleep is by far my favorite in the timeline so far. Gameplay wise, I'd go with KH1FM and KH2FM. I'm looking forward to all of the new worlds that will be in KH3 :-)
  5. These pulls have been absolutely brutal for me so far - it always takes the full five pulls for me to get the medal that I want (for example: the stained glass Ventus/Vanitas medal)
  6. I ca't wait to see what they announce/reveal during this!
  7. Finally about to start the new GoW later today

    1. Merilly


      Have fun! I just finished the main story and I found the game immensely enjoyable so far.

  8. I got to try Musical Farmer while I was at the Dandelion Meeting / KHUx fan event. It was pretty damn difficult, but I had a lot of fun.
  9. She was super nice, and was happy to take a photo with me! There were a couple of really neat costumes at the event. HMK was really chill, and although I felt bad for bugging him since tons and tons of people were asking for photos, he was super cool about it!
  10. I'm just patiently waiting for the new Spider-Man game to come out. Sadly, not in May.
  11. This event was the most fun I've had in a while. Got to meet tons of awesome fellow KH fans, got to watch a bunch of cool panels, and most importantly, I got to try the KH3 minigames! I would post my photos from the event, but it seems like almost everything that was at the event was already covered in the photos in this thread! I'll just leave a couple of my photos from the event in here anyway - I got a photo with a great Aqua cosplayer, snagged a photo with HMK, and I ran into Churro while in line! Also, I was able to leave my signature and a fun note on the signature wall at the event :-} P.S., I know that this is a super late post, as the event was a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, I've been back to work full time and just got the chance to catch up with the posts on here finally. *shrugs*
  12. Ven! I wanted to pick Jack, but then reconsidered. Then again, Ventus is probably my #1 character in terms of favorites within the series.
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