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  1. I swear I remember someone mentioning their pet bunny a lot back in the day. owo; But thank you none the less! Heck yeah man. No one should ever give up on their dream!
  2. Hello all! Gosh, I've been on and off for a long time now, haven't I. ^^' Well, I'm back none the less, and I'm FINALLY staying for a while. Rather than popping in for a day, sending a meme, and getting busy with life. However, tomorrow is my birthday and I'm going to Disney. :'D I can finally have my first beignet and lobster roll. Though, on a wonderful note: I am a official college student, and this is the end of my first year! I'm so happy!!! It's been rough, but I finally know what to do for my EATM course in Moorpark. And I've been writing a book, which I hope to have published mid-2019. ;u; I'm excited about that, especially since there are two artists interested in teaming up with myself to draw the covers. But yeah! I've been busy, been writing, been inhaling yaoi and drama. Great stuff! Though I see that some good friends of mine have been kicked from the site. :c If ya'll see this, know I'm sending kisses. I'd love to chat with you new youngin's, so message me! Don't be shy. c: Byeee~
  3. /Console command: bind p "act dance"
  4. Aye. AYE. AYEEEEEEEEEEE. What's up, I'm Jared, I'm 19, I never learned how to frickin' read.

    1. Exiblade7


      dang it muscle memory

  5. You had me at Cookies n Creme and Cookie Dough.
  6. So, after watching quite a few mindblowing videos on youtube and putting puzzle pieces together myself... About that Foretellers reincarnated theory. If you look at the clothing and the sizes, shapes, as well as personality in comparison to... For example, Terra and Aced. Both have bold and brash personalities, and seem to have darker sides to themselves that they try to control but is visible through rage. With Gula, he seems to really relate to Roxas' usually irrational personality. Ava with Kairi's calm and seemingly balanced personality, and so on. So, that also leads to the sixth, and missing, "foreteller". Who's keyblade has the symbol of the Ram or Goat. Who were they, and where did they go? Are they the "master" that taught Xehanort and Eriqus, or are they someone else? On top of that, why does the keyblade look so similar to Xehanort's "No Name", but without an eye? So many questions...
  7. O shoot wat up. Wolf here with a late update: I'm eighteen now. 8) November will mark my eighth year officially as a KH13 member.

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    2. Firaga


      And yes, Wolf, you have a daughter named Salad. I'm sure you're very proud.

    3. Firaga



    4. Shulk



  8. [story Time with Wolfie pt. 1] I remember when I was half asleep and randomly wrote an NSFW story at the age of 15. Banned for an hour. It was glorious.

    1. Shulk




      I... actually remember that one too, sadly. ._.

    2. Javelin434


      ......... I don't even know you that well and yet, I'm not surprised about this discovery xD

  9. I don't like how my account doesn't say my actual years of being a memeber. :'( It's been almost eight years now...

  10. ... -Whispers loudly- W OR N OUT PLACES, WORN O U T F A C E S S S

  11. -Whispers- all around me are familiar faces...

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