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  1. Pyrrha! You're such a well-known, strong individual!

  2. I still haven't changed to Torchwick and you're still not back ;-;

  3. Tut tut, Pyrrha. The rest of JNPR is a pushover without you. -Torchwick

  4. Pyrhaaaaa! I don't even know you in the show but I miss you!


    1. Pyrrha Nikos

      Pyrrha Nikos

      Omg i've been gone way too long Dx

  6. So Monty just posted this on his twitter to those who are interested in making OCs in the RWBYverse:
  7. Happy anniversary , Trey and Briana! *(^o^)/*
  8. That episode... i caaaan't
  9. I'm not surprised, they've been heavily hinting at 2.5 all year long :pOther than that. I'm pretty excited
  10. if you don't mind me asking, why do you personally think he's closing in at 17? Taken from 358/2 Days official timeline: It states that Sora arrived at Castle Obilvion at Day 24 and then put to sleep at Day 49. Estimating that Chain of Memories took place in little less than a month.
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