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  1. So, I decided to do what I never do: talk about it. This is going to be a kind of review, which many of you already made or read, but I didn't, so far. I've been avoiding the internet for the past weeks and now that I've finished the game, I just wanna talk about things I really liked, things I think could be improved upon and the thinks I really didn't like. And that's it for today, I guess. Some notes before I go: I'm not a native American. I'm actually from Brazil (so yeah, I'm American, just not from the North one where English is Spoken =p), so I'm sorry if my English sucks in some parts of this review or in all of it. I only felt like sharing an opinion and so I did. I stressed it while writing but I'm going to say it again: everything above is just my humble opinion. If you end up reading all these lines, first of all thank you, really, but second, feel free to disagree and show your own point of view. I might've forgotten to say something I wanted to, so if I end up editing, I'm gonna put the new stuff in other color. Thank you for your patience and for being an awesome community. We all love this series very much, and I only wrote so many lines because I felt like you might relate to loving KH so much to the point of doing so. Tl,dr yet another review-ish.
  2. Well, I assume it's Yen-Sid's doing, just like you've mentioned. Of course it was the first game, and Nomura couldn't include these intricate plot points and characters without explaining a whole bunch of other stuff, but if we want to make sense of the plot as a whole, I believe Yen-Sid is a good call
  3. It'd be nice if we had something similar to what we'd had with Final Fantasy XV. They maybe announce an "Uncovered" event in December dated to KH's birthday, where we'd get a solid release date. And I'm saying December based on nothing but what I wish. Then again, hopes and speculations.
  4. Man, I completely forgot about Unchained Key haha. I live in one of those countries where the game was not officially released, so... But anyways, you're right. My bad
  5. Nomura must be pretty upset he wasn't able to keep his yearly Kingdom Hearts streak. I was (still am) kinda hoping for a late 2017 KH3 release date
  6. is it wise for Square Enix to release KH 2.8 so close to a game such as FFXV?
  7. If they don't fix up the bug that allows you to duplicate the item (I don't remember exactly how to perform it, but I do remember it's easy to), that shouldn't be a problem
  8. Symphony of the Night and PS1 Crash trilogy were basically the best part of my childhood.
  9. I believe back when Nomura said that, he was still running both FFXV and KH3. Now that he's just with KH, the gap would be just marketing stuff, like not releasing two games from major franchises altogether. In this case, I think there would be no problem for Square to release both with a six months gap for example. That's my hope for getting both games next year
  10. Actually the blue keyblade has three transformations. If you slow the trailer in the part when Sora uses Blizzard and quickly transforms his keyblade after jumping, you'll notice it becomes twin crossbows instead of twin shooters. I don't know whether it's something specific to these kinds of moves, but if we assume it's not, then for the Olympus keyblade we have the chariot, the shield and the thing that looks like Berserker's claymore (which hits the heartless when Sora begins the transformation).
  11. Maybe I'm not expressing myself the right way, but, I don't know. I felt something off about his face in the E3 trailer. Then again, it's probably just me. The point is, I hope default faces aren't a thing in KH3.
  12. Maybe not flat, but surely static, unlike the previous trailers. You can see, for example, the difference between his face in that old D23 footage and this new E3 one.
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