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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 BioMutant Devision 2, my friends are looking forward for this one - so yeah. I was looking forward to Anthem, but they already did break promises and have problems, which should not exist in this day and age for such publisher.
  2. I rember fighting Xemnas, thinking I had beaten him, putting my joystick aside and seeing everyone leaving except for Sora and Riku. What a moment that was for me. Than the fight and stage changes. Another battle occurs. And finally against Xemnas, black and white room so epic. The fight continues in several stages. Cut-scene happens, switching to riku to get back to Sora. Suddenly feeling powered up. Getting to Sora. Fighting again. Another cut-scene, Xemnas enrages. SUPER EPIC DOME, button smashing. DUO battles lasers. My mind went wild. Then bam, it is finally over. Super long cut-scene and end credits. Within 24 H of game time. First play-through. Most difficult setting. All this happens when I was way under leveled, so it must have taken hours. Giant grim on my face while I staring at the tv, wanting to experience this once again. Game saved. Loading it up again, going through my inventory, changes everything that had no use and was better. AGAIN !!!
  3. I agree with you, but it is not the fact that is inaccurate, but they limited the damage out put. I does 2x dmg in the length of the animation. Once at the beginning and the other around the middle towards the ending. During which you are stationed and can't do nothing till the animation ends, all while being surrounded by enemies that did not died yet. Also my favorite is Flare Fore KH2. the one we got now feels like a downgrade and also is the best in terms of damage out put and freedom out of the 4 main team attacks. The other one being Trinity Guard due to being invincible during the time it is up.
  4. I only use them as a quick AoE when I was low level. Once I could take every enemy on my own. Around lvl 12. I did not bother anymore with it. With that being said, blaster blaze, pirate ship and mad tea cups are my most used ones. quick setup, nice delivery and gone in seconds. Also they do not scale that well with enemies. In the beginning you could banish hordes with them. Near lvl 12 proud mode, they were just openings for enemies to do damage to you.
  5. That is because of the cornerstone. They have been able to travel and there. As if that was a point carved into the past of the Disney Castle, which made it so relevant.
  6. I took a look at the three pages of the book I could found on the wiki and these are my assessments, based on my knowledge, your findings and wiki. The first page, talks about the lux and the darkness, Shadow The second page talks about the ties with darkness, Darksides The third talks about control of darkness and artificial creation of heartless know as emblems. On my initial gander I tried to find a connection on what I know about the franchise and link it to something more tangible. On the wiki I found that the romaji way of shadow is Shadou. With this knowledge I tried to find some connection with symbols and stumbled up the one shown as reference. It is occurs several times on the different pages and if you ditch the first symbol, even more. With the knowledge of VexenReplica 's about the frequency of reoccurring letters I tried to make sense of some of the symbols but those that met the criteria occur in combination of 3 in long segments, are sometimes used twice in a row and are jumbled different combinations with one-another, thus making now sense with out knowing what it could actually mean, without knowledge before hand. I also remembered that some languages like Hebrew and Chines have symbols that on their own have meanings like, numbers and events and combined with one-another could have different meanings, that is under a know context. Because meaning can differ based on context. Another thing might be is, is that it is a language based on phonetics. But without the knowledge of the written language and or pronunciation of the symbols, there is no meaning into tracking what it could mean, as of now. **This tread has been more than 2 years old without a reply ....
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