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  1. KHVision

    IGN Fan Fest Demo Glitch

    So I literally just got home from the fan event and I activated a pretty big glitch in Toy Box. Granted I know it's just a demo, but I thought it was pretty funny (also hope that it hasn't found it's way into the actual game). So the way I believe I activated it was that I had gotten hit, used aerial recovery, and then Mirage Staff's finisher, Mirage Tower, all too quickly (Got hit, Circle, Triangle) or it might even be because I activated Mirage Tower in the air. Sora started and stayed in a falling position the whole time the finisher happened and then the rest of the fight glitched, specifically the camera being zoomed out for a bit and animations not being complete (ex. Rocket is missing and later Sora entering an invisible mech). Here's a link to the video that takes place after it started but after a bit the camera titled so it doesn't show the whole screen (Note that the scenery is from using Mirage Tower indoors, when it's used outside the scenery doesn't change) 😅 All in all though, I had a great time with it and can't wait for the game to come out!
  2. It's not active yet, the announcement for the 3.1.0 update says it's redeemable after the release of KH3.
  3. That's what I would think, not sure the point of offering tickets, regardless of capacity, for a free event if people can be turned away. I'd understand if they're were charging money, because bureaucracy lmao
  4. I was able to get a ticket, but my fear is that I won't get in due to the ticket stating entry is based on capacity and that I'm not guaranteed entry
  5. Do we know if it's possible to pre-order the digital version, cancel the pre-order, and keep the bonuses? I'm getting a physical copy but don't want to miss out on the theme.
  6. Small thing, but noticed Smile Gear's Quick Claws are now referred to as Agile Claws!
  7. I remember there being an interview where it was stated TT is the tutorial world which is still possible. 0.2's secret ending confirmed Olympus as the first world, for Sora. I kinda hope it's not the case but t's entirely possible TT could show us the tutorial aspects as another character, like in KH2, before we jump in with Sora, but as for what character I'm not sure.
  8. KHVision

    A little help over here

    Angry Adventurer is the Heartless that drops past event medals, but it appears in 3 or 4 different maps which are 2 different Seven Dwarf mine areas, Castle of Dreams, and the area of darkness. Each map determines which ones drop. On top of that, multiple medals have a chance of dropping from each Adventurer and each map has a different pool of medals, so it's all RNG. Mal B drops from the Adventurer in the Seven Dwarf mine map where it spawns in the same place as you do. I can't remember which map the other 3 drop but they drop from the same Adventurer pool as each other. The other thing to note is that I believe the Angry Adventurer disappeared during the HPO event so I'm not sure if it has returned yet.
  9. KHVision

    A Question About Story Progress! :o

    I'm only at 580, but I'm 53% done. Pretty sure percentage is just based on current amount of story quests and how many Mickey Heads you've filled in. I believe it includes Proud Mode but I haven't done any of those.
  10. The shield transformation looks to be that of the unnamed Olympus Keyblade we briefly saw from the E3 2015 trailer. You can see it right before it transforms into the chariot. Only difference seems to be the spikes protruding from the clouds, though they might have been added later on in development or the spikes just might not show during its transformation into the chariot. EDIT: You can also see it in the reveal image for Guard Form.
  11. Here I will be posting what I liked and disliked about 0.2. I won't be listing any specifics but just in case, the lists will be put in a spoiler tag.
  12. There's this possibility, but also, I believe it was confirmed that the voiceless text speaking to Sora throughout KH1 was King Mickey.
  13. KHVision

    Sora's Gloveless!

    Honestly hoping for Keyblade Armor, but I'm not sure he'll get it.
  14. KHVision

    Sora's Gloveless!

    Sora's been gloveless since the reveal of his KH3 outfit though. He has gauntlets that cover the top of his hands and his forearms now instead of gloves. You can see them better here in the Power Drive form pic and of course the official art.
  15. KHVision

    Need help with unchained x phone game.

    Yeah, check your Merlin Medals to see if you've locked them. You can see that by tapping them and looking at the little lock icon. If they're white then you've locked them, so just tap them to unlock them.