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  1. oook im bored this seems like another not so much active site just like kh insider... bye bye.

    1. CosmicWolF


      also this site is soooo slow.....

  2. hah funy pun lol and yay finally someone replied and ya movie gallery...haa memories
  3. i would say atlantis the lost empire for live action , but there is already plenty live action films out / coming out already that the trend kinda needs to take a rest XD
  4. this site layout look kinda reminds me of another forum i was on , this is seems much better looking ^^

  5. hmm i would say the star wars force unleashed 1 / 2 they are kinda outdated lol but if not a remake then just a upscale then lol also why not a proper nascar rumble remake ? : D not a low end sequel to one. <.<
  6. im pretty sure it will get high ratings since its the most popular game out there alongside kh3 or if i say it more popular lol plus it might be a ps4 / ps5 crossover title.
  7. hey there how are you guys ? ^^how i got into kingdom hearts you say ?well....here is a story for ya ^^ i went to my local walmart when movie gallery was a thing and when i went in i found this game had disney characters in and some final fantasy in it i thought wow im defenitly renting this ! and thats when it started .....beating the game a few times before i actually bought it myself XD and thats the story lol.
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