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  1. Do we actually know if the Keyblade skin comes with the PS4 pro pre-order? Or is it digital pre-order only? 🤔 Looks pretty neat tho
  2. You must a banana because I find you a peeling! If you were a vegetable you'd be a cutecumber Are you the Dub to my Step? Cuz i wub wub wub you! Hey girl, are you from India? Cuz i'm In-Da-Ya! Hey girl, are you from France? Cuz maDAMN! There i'm done haha
  3. I DID NOT KNOW THAT AND NOT I'M DYING Its also quite funny as I'm not so fond of Saix yet I love Shadow and I'm obsessed with Axel yet I don't like Silver that much... :I *giggles*
  4. can someone buy me a PS3 so i can play KH 1.5 please?? ;u;

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    2. Alexaclmn


      @Gamerazor, they always make another version console with a price drop so I say they might.

    3. Alexaclmn


      Yea, watchdogs do look amazing.

    4. Springy_Thingy


      ouu! Assassins Creed 4!! that looks really awesome too

  5. idk really, all it says in the mag is, and i quote ''The producer [of Theatrhythm] has said that he'd like to do a sequel with Kingdom Hearts music'' so i guess its not 100% but it would be pretty cool if they let him do it.
  6. I remember reading in a Nintendo Magazine that the guy who made the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm was/is considering making one for Kingdom Hearts, which would be pretty cool!
  7. haha that's a great dream! The weirdest one ever that i had was quite a few years back. I had a dream that me, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke were hanging out in like a gym kinda place (idk why?) and then Sakura got really angry at Sasuke so she started punching him so me and Naruto hid under a bench xDD Nothing like that happened again though uwu
  8. anyone wanna chat? I'm rather bored...

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    2. Springy_Thingy


      ehehe das cool, going out?

      How about ''how do you feel about KH3 and FF15?'' since rn these topics really buzz me up :D

    3. Robin


      DO IT!!!!! I'll chat :D ask me anything :P


    4. Springy_Thingy
  9. anyone wanna chat? I'm rather bores

  10. please no Wonderland, Agrabah or 100 Acre Wood (i didnt even play or complete it). Also I hope that the final animation isin't going to be so, well, ''animated'' or plastic looking. I really liked the animation at the end of KH2 where they were back at the Destiny Islands, so I hope that they maybe use the same animation programmer or maybe make it even more real/human looking. other than that, I have no other 'dont's' c:
  11. ouuuu I hope we get to play as Riku too seeing as he gets to go and look for people (kinda thinking its Aqua and Ven, unless he's gon search for them with Sora). Kinda maybe like in 3D? like do swaps between Soras' story and Rikus' story. I think that'd be p/ cool c:
  12. omg I bawled and still do my eyes out on Crisis Core ;3; As for Xions death i cant say what i feel about it cuzihaventfinishedthegamegomen ;A;
  13. My zodiac is Capricorn and my Chinese zodiac is Boar c:
  14. omg I really hope they don't release it for PS4! I'd be quite angry in fact, but probably I'll end up buying it like I did with other games and consoles ahaha... But it kinda seems highly possible that they'll release it for the PS4, seeing as FF Versus 13 isn't out yet, so by the time they'll start the KH3 programming it'll either be on PS4 or PS5 if Sony goes nuts and releases another console ehehe
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