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  1. I dunno why I decided to log back in after disappearing for several months, but hey.

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      Jilly Sammich

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      Welcome back! I remember seeing you from time to time!

  2. Paper Mario is as dead as Metroid at this point honestly
  3. I'd like to see Serperior or another serpentine mon only because it'd be cool to see how they fight with no legs.
  4. Sounds like you kind of got screwed by the RNG in the case of Hector since he's usually pretty decent, same with Eliwood (Lyn though...). At least no one is worse than Roy in FE6 or Micaiah in FE10.
  5. I just like when people get called out for clickbaiting.
  6. FFI&II: Dawn of Souls (GBA) FFIV (DS) FFX-2 (PS2) FFXIII-2 (360) Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (PSX) FF Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii) I don't actually like Final Fantasy that much, which is why I kind of give up when I hit a boss that's too boring for me to grind levels and get through.
  7. I love adventure games on their own, so I guess action/adventure though technically every game out there has action and/or adventure aspects to them anyway. Puzzle games would probably be #2, though.
  8. I do have a question in regards to double posting in the context of old threads. If, say, someone has an art / writing thread where they're the OP and haven't updated in 2 weeks or so and they were the last person to post, is it ok for them to make a double post to bump the thread to alert people that there's been an update? This is assuming said post is relevant enough to make a new post rather than just editing the OP or whatever and they're not just necroposting for the sake of it.
  9. I haven't played Bowser's Inside Story yet which I know a lot of people consider it the best, but I don't really like the games after Superstar Saga. Partners in Time was a chore to get through, and I haven't even brought myself to finish Dream Team because it's just not very engaging and there's better games out there to spend my time on. I'm not really interested in the new Paper Mario crossover one because of how boring these games are, along with how Paper Mario hasn't been that great since The Thousand-Year Door.
  10. Part of the reason is probably that the PS2 version is how it was supposed to "officially" sound, because let's be honest the mixing in the GBA version isn't the best even with the excuse that the GBA's sound engine was essentially a bootleg version of the SNES, though there's really few games out there that took advantage of what they could anyway. I believe the in-game version of Days's music never saw a release either, probably for similar reasons.
  11. I'll post a couple of my faves from official things.
  12. They actually changed the mechanics in Gen 6, so either parent passes down egg moves. The female still determines the species, though. I could breed one up quickly w/ Perish Song if you need it though, since I already use a Gengar with 4 IVs in online battles anyway.
  13. Unfortunately Game Freak has already confirmed that they'll never put the old main series up on the virtual console because they want newcomers and old people to play the same games at the same time (and also because they can make more money off of remakes that way, let's be honest). Anyway Shuffle is a great time waster. There's a lot of RNG bias in the later stages, but they never push the free-to-play aspect on you that many times, and they warn you several times in advance that it costs real money to buy stuff.
  14. Technically there's going to be differences in gameplay as well, in that Birthright is going to be easier with a world map like Awakening and Gaiden but Conquest is going to have a linear progression with less room for gaining Exp. Wish we knew more about the third scenario, but supposedly it's going to be somewhere in between in terms of difficulty, but I do think it's cool that it's you're not just paying three times for the same game.
  15. I wish there were more options for characters like the older games where it wasn't just starters but also random mons like Machop or Vulpix or stuff like that. Oh well, I'm just glad it has all 720 again unlike Gates to Infinity.
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