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  1. Maybe we will get our final kingdom hearts 3 remind dlc trailer+ the release date then??
  2. @Ursalink I totally agree with you December would be a great month for remind to come out, like in December 22th or 25th or even January 1st of 2020 It's different from 4chan's right?? Can you send me a link on 4chan's leak of remind????
  3. You're video is quite good but you want to turn kh3's gameplay into kh2 gameplay but with some additions and changes, tbh that's not so bad it will improve things but i don't think so that SE will do that xDDD
  4. Imagine Square Enix announcing the next kingdom hearts title for 2021 or 2022 just imagine oh my god i will be so happy for it
  5. Critical mode really gave life to the game and the challenge we wanted to i'm really enjoying it even if i died 2-4 times in Olympus (I didn't even finished it yet and i have a long way to finish it) Square really listened!!
  6. I think from the quality the game has based on your screenshots your playing on a Ps4 pro or on a Xbox one x right??
  7. Kairi is so pretty man and fresh i really like her plus everyone else is so damn good
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