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  1. My thoughts on this is that sora will not use his kingdom key anymore he will leave it in keyblade graveyard and in the next saga he's base keyblade will be master's defender Do not forget sora will always be the protagonist it is confirmed by Nomura
  2. Of course this is the end of the xehanort saga it must be GOOD!!!
  3. Sora is so freaking pissed with Xehanort his going to beat his ass trust me
  4. Mariokhfanboy18

    KH3 rushed?

    My thoughts on this is that kh3 would be great but it will have a lot of problems for example the camera is really bad floatiness is a think in kh3 but netherless this game will be good i suppose
  5. I thought that these announcements videos would be from now on until the release date but they will be from the 19th it's okay though and yeah i agree every character in kh3 have expressions now
  6. I really like these keyblades a lot and what i notice from this announcement videos is that the combat system is better and faster than before don't you think guys?? Also i pre-order kingdom hearts 3 through Playstation store so i will get the midnight blue skin keyblade
  7. That's great nomura is taking it seriously from now on finally they're going to patch the game and fix several data problems
  8. Mariokhfanboy18

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Excitement

    Yup i totally agree with you i'm so hyped about the story
  9. Mariokhfanboy18

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Excitement

    What are you most excited for All???
  10. Mariokhfanboy18

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Excitement

    What a great question you've asked here so let me think: 1.I'm super excited about keyblade transformations and how magic works with the transformed keyblade. 2. I really like shotlock and wall running 3. We can guard in midair and that's a point from me 4. What i like the most is when we are going to do the finishing move we can take goofy or donald and do the finishing move together 5. The worlds are huge this time 6.We can explore more than the previous games 7. Graphics are so so so so so so GOOD!!! 8.Character models are stunning, their looking fresh and so clean tbh 9.I like the reaction commands(Bombarder,Duck flare etc) 10. Guard ability is the same like kh2's guard, dodge roll is very good too 11. Gummi ship is on another level
  11. Mariokhfanboy18

    More Riku gameplays in KH3

    Yeah that would be actually really dope to have Mickey as a party member for Riku
  12. I have to totally agree with you with chikai but don't you guys notice that the combat system was actually better and faster??
  13. Mariokhfanboy18

    More Riku gameplays in KH3

    You meant Riku fighting the Demon tide in the realm of darkness was the only glimpse we take in the final battle trailer
  14. Mariokhfanboy18

    KH3 rushed?

    My thoughts on this question of yours is that kingdom hearts 3 it looks like it was rushed tbh but they remade the combat system from the start and make a few adjustments in the game so i don't think the game will be so bad either but i don't really have high expectations
  15. Mariokhfanboy18

    Kingdom Hearts III gameplay of Dawn Till Dusk in action

    Nothing big to be honest