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  1. Wow the dude just talked about his opinion, didn't say anything on the lines of "You're a moron if you don't agree." and some people are beating the crap out of him/her. Chill, everyone. The man/woman was just disappointed. No need to point out what he/she got wrong in your perspective. I think everyone is on edge because of KHIII not being able to satisfy *every* player. What we all could use is a good selfie meme.
  2. [sooiler] so..sora went inside his own friggin heart and unlocked ventus' heart? wow [/spoiler]
  3. yeah, also thinking about tension rising makes me think there was a missed opportunity for us to fight a darkside AND a twilight thorn. with a badass theme like destiny force.
  4. yeah, I've heard about yoko having less involvement as the series goes on, and maybe she didn't work on that final boss after all?
  5. Yeah, the themes you mentioned are pretty nice. It just may be my weird taste who considers the originals better than 1.5/2.5
  6. Probably no FM. But there will be DLC, so I would want a really hard secret boss like lingering will, and maybe a data battle for the previous final bosses in kh3 format?
  7. I want everyone reading this to know, I am not questioning yoko's songwriting and the performance of the orchestra. They did a fantastic job. If you have some points that you agree or disagree on, feel free to reply. Wow it's been almost 3 years since I visited this site to write stuff on the forums. Kh3 turned out kinda meh, but still it was a satisfying experience. Hope I get to see In the next installments. Kappa
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