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  1. Goofynort. He is obviously the true antagonist.
  2. I'm actually going to say that with their big AAA game they are going to try and release it worldwide to get better sale results. I feel Final Fantasy XV, even with it's problems, was a major success in sales and the worldwide release date has played a major part in that. So Square Enix would likely do another worldwide release to try and achieve another success. Also, the trailers have been translated to English, making me think they are developing both the English and Japanese version at the same time, with the obvious exception of the voice acting.
  3. I was originally thinking Robin Hood would be the new world but your suggestion is much better. I would be so happy if your prediction comes to pass.
  4. I wonder.....if any elements from Star Wars or Marvel (GOTG) could be used for a Treasure Planet world? Maybe characters or ships?
  5. I feel Balthier would be good. If a Treasure Planet world happened he would fit so much. Gilgamesh would fit as well. Unlike most characters they would be able to use the original Gilgamesh rather than crate a new KH version, thanks to him being a dimensional traveling shapeshifter that loves collecting famous swords....which the keyblade would fit into.
  6. It would be more interesting if they were the most powerful of each enemy type. E.G. 25,000 Kurt Zisas.
  7. What I'm asking here is, if you believe the "Final Information" is going to be a release time for KH3, do you think it would be a release date or release year? What are your thoughts.
  8. Hades might mention Pandora's box, which exists in the Hercules TV show, and Maleficent might try to look for that to see if it's what she actually is searching for. Maybe it's stored at Mt Olympus now.
  9. I'm hoping for an Atlantis world. Would fit if Maleficent is looking for the box. With how old the Atlanteans are they might have knowledge of it.
  10. I feel the service game elements likely follows the DLC concept, which we can see with some of their other games like FFXV or Nier Automata. I really doubt they add more worlds as DLC but they might do what the final mixes did. This includes new bosses, areas (e.g. Cavern of Remembrance), sidequests, items, etc. If they did any story based DLC, I feel it would be something the originally planned DLC for FFXV. By this I mean playing another character in a different part of the story. In FFXV this was seen recently with episode Gladio. For KH3 it might be, say, Kairi's story while she is training or something like that. I can't make much speculation here obviously as we know little of the game -_-' Just to mention, one DLC I would be definitely interested in is something recently in Nier: Automata (really need to get the game). By this I mean fighting an important figure from either Square Enix (which N:A did with both the Square Enix and Platinum Games CEO)or Disney. Maybe a DLC at Olympus Colosseum where one can fight Tetsuya Nomura, Walt Disney or someone else in a massive boss battle.
  11. Nope. The voice actor for Ryuji and Saitama is Max Mitelman, Luxu's voice actor. Hayner is voiced by Justin Cowden.
  12. I feel the YX reports, the Luxu reports if he wrote anything or.....the Yen Sid reports. Would be interesting to see Yen Sid's actual thoughts. Or the Donald reports, on explaining why he is crap at healing Personally, the Yen Sid reports would be most interesting for me.
  13. As has been stated above, Winter is coming
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