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  1. Yes but if I'm correct about that Roxas has grown his own heart my explanation being there's only 1 keyblade per hearts and he had the ability to use 2 meaning that at some point through days he was able to grow his own heart so if they need him to bring Ventus's heart back Roxas won't necessarily perish since he has his own heart, go look at my theory also I left the link in my previous reply
  2. I personally think the Xchi Ventus and BBS Ventus are the same person since they seem identical think it would be kinda dark for Ventus to use someone as a vessel and take over their whole personality AND appearance. It is a fact that Ventus used Sora as a "vessel", I have to admit they share a bit the same personality (I find Sora to be more happy-go-lucky) but you can tell Sora has is own personality and Ventus hasn't affected Sora's appearance. BUT on the other hand here's Roxas who looks exactly the same as Ventus. I think that must've been because Roxas was a shell with Ventus's heart inside so he took his appearance since he didn't have a heart of his own yet. You also pointed out that Roxas might be his latest vessel (eventho Roxas is in Sora's heart) I found that interesting, could it be that in order to bring Ventus back they have to bring Roxas back first? (We've seen in the Orchestra trailer that Sora wants to bring back Roxas) also take a look at my theory on how I think Ventus made it from Xchi to BBS http://kh13.com/forum/topic/108932-spoilersspeculation-ventus-origins/?view=findpost&p=1957654
  3. That would be the best In my opinion but it could also be like when we help the FF characters during the million heartless battle but I'd much rather like if we got to swap characters ...waiting for the Lingering Will to make an epic appearance during the conflict O.O I think these confrontations would be epic, Aqua vs Terranort, Riku vs Ansem SoD, Lea vs Saïx, Ventus vs. Vanitas, Roxas vs Xemnas and Xigbar, Sora vs Xehanort and Young Xehanort I don't know who Kairi could be fighting tho since she doesn't have hatred for any particular character (let's hope they work on her character in KH3) if only this could happen but there's gotta be a twist since theres 13 darknesses and 7 lights
  4. Off the top of my head I would say Kimahri, Zidane, Vincent and Seymour
  5. Changed my mind he definitely must've said "What are thoooose???"
  6. "If you want that loud I gotchu fam"
  7. 1. How is Ventus the reincarnation of Gula if Ventus is one of the Dandelions Foreteller in Xchi. I do agree that terra aqua riku and Kairi are related to the foretellers but Gulas "reincarnation" is probably Sora 2. I feel like braig is only being xehanort's "lapdog" because eversince terra defeat him in BBS he's been obsessed to obtain his own keyblade.
  8. Amen I thought I was the only one to think that, I do like the character but he had a great arc and it would be easier to ruin it than make it better but we never know hopefully Nomura has something up his sleeves because after the Orchestra trailer it's obvious he'll be back
  9. it is pretty intriguing that old master Xenahort came back as himself so would that mean Terra has regained control of his body? We see him struggling for control of his body in 0.2BBS wich take place after KH1 so it is proof that his heartless and nobody (Ansem SoD/Xemnas) were already created and Ansem SoD could've been already defeated during this scene. Even after splitting himself into 2 beings Xehanort still had control of Terra but we do not see the outcome of their fight in 0.2BBS I feel like he's still under Xehanorts control because KH2 is taking place after these events and we face the Lingering Will. My point is also based the fact that only 6 of the 13 SoD were revealed and there's more potential GoL 1.Sora 2.Riku 3.Kairi 4.Mikey 5.Aqua 6.Ventus* 7.Lea 8.Roxas (assuming he comes back) (*unless Ventus is not a GoL then your theory would make lots of sense) I think it would be more suitable for Nomura to have Terra(nort) as one of the 13 darknesses but I do hope he comes back to the light he's probably one of my favorite character and if he doesn't then it would be epic if the Lingering Will came out of nowhere during the final conflict to save the day
  10. Terranort, the story behind the character is just epic, and the fact that Xemnas and Ansem SoD were made from his heart leads me to think that he's stronger then them and also his bossfight was the hardest for me out of all the games
  11. The logo on the mech isn't a heartless / dream eater / unversed logo but it does share a bit of similarities with the unversed logo but they obviously aren't the same
  12. Almost sounds like ur describing Lea who's body language and hand gestures are similar to the MoM's and from the characters we have seen only Braig and Lea talk with similar hand gestures but since Nomura stated that the MoM will not be in KH3 (unless he only meant that we won't find his identity) then I guess it would be a new character most probably the series next antagonist
  13. Lingering will: You're not the one I chose, where is he? Xe...Ha...nort... ^^ epic scene epic fight
  14. Thanks for the welcome everybody and movies I just saw we're both born on November 30th
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