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  1. Eternalsleep

    What are your thoughts on KH's current story direction?

    After playing & waiting for 14 yrs i better be invested lmfaoo
  2. Absolutely nothing!! I LITERALLY had just preordered the super smash bundle when I heard about a new switch lol
  3. Eternalsleep

    Who's the most underrated Organization 13 member?

    Definitely vexen the guy gets like no respect. Even half of the organization members don’t like him lol
  4. Toy story. Since i was 5 I’ve wanted to hang out with woody & buzz lol
  5. Can i be excited about fantastic 4 AND be worried that Disney is not so subtly taking over the world lol
  6. Thank goodness it doesn’t exist cause I’d go beyond broke trying to grab them all lol
  7. Eternalsleep

    Dragon Ball!

    Great topic, nice change of pace. Favorite character is easily future trunks. His personality is honestly what adult gohan(normal timeline) should’ve been. I also think that GT has received a lot of hate for literally no reason One thing that i kinda don’t like in the series is that fusion of any kind has never beaten anyone in canon ever!! Piccolo with nail or kami couldn’t win, gotenks couldn’t win & vegito either purposely lost or ran out of time to win but they keep trying to hype it up
  8. Eternalsleep

    Will Xehanort appear in a KH3 Trailer?

    To be fair aren’t all of them technically Xehanort?
  9. Well he does live on an island so probably some type of seafood dish. Either that or whatever his dinner was supposed to be
  10. Roxas. He’s been through more than enough
  11. Eternalsleep

    What would you choose to show of KH3 at E3?

    Just please no more olympus
  12. Eternalsleep

    Which Starter Pokémon would Sora & co choose?

    I think they would pick chimchar for the goofy personality, no pun intended
  13. Eternalsleep

    How should Sora’s mom reappear in KH?

    At the end of kh3 to kick sora out of the house officially. Seriously the guys been gone for how long now? He’s probably old enough to move out lol
  14. I don’t really like yen sid anymore . Mostly because he lost my respect by failing sora during the mark of mastery in ddd even though sora saved all their sorry selves not once but twice already... but if i had to pick something it’d probably be that awesome beard