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  1. Xion heard that there was something good in the freezer... And she was right! It's sea salt ice cream! Those pops seem a little too big for her though... Luckily I also made smaller ones! Better eat up before it melts any more! Sorry about the phone camera lol. But the ice cream tasted really good! It feels accomplishing to finally have an idea of what sea salt ice cream tastes like! :biggrin: Hopefully Roxas & Axel will be able to join her next time! I followed this recipe if anyone is curious to make them too! https://youtu.be/u7-Zxasvksk?list=LLLf05PgEpz6QQ255_9I9Vew
  2. My first was also KH2! I was little and didn't get it all that much, all I really did was jump around on the train in Twilight Town and skateboard, and when I did play I would always ask my dad or my aunt to beat bosses for me, or I would just watch one of them play the game, lol
  3. i've been thinking that it could be representing him totally separating himself from the darkness, "the other me can have this" signifying that he's detached himself from the person he used to be and doesn't need to hang on to it anymore. maybe it won't be anything close to that but this was just my first thought when i saw the trailer
  4. 0.2 looks gorgeous but the character models are the one thing that always bugged me. i think the models in the most recent kh3 trailer look far better tbh (the hair textures still look just a bit off imo, but everything else has vastly improved), i'm very impressed at their progress in terms of the graphics and i can't wait to explore kh3!
  5. i was thinking that perhaps marluxia sought out to form his own organization separate to xehanort's, possibly even like what he did in CoM wherein he'll attempt to overthrow/oppose the latter, either way i'm sure it'll be an interesting turn of events!
  6. happy larxene day!

  7. i can't wait for figural keyring series 3 so i can have my army of kh girls (ง'̀-'́)ง

  8. i absolutely adore CoM and i think it has one of the most compelling stories in KH! the organization XIII storyline is one of my overall favorite aspects of the kh series and i think it's better that they didn't leave us hanging on what happened during the year between kh1 and 2 - in fact, because CoM happened, they ended up elaborating upon this portion of the story even more through days, wherein we actually get to experience what it's like from the organization's side! even if you don't care for these games, it can't be denied that the organization plays a very vital role in the story and i think they deserved to get some time in the spotlight just as much as any of the main charas did - ultimately i think it was a good decision to make the game, because it's thanks to that that we really know as much as we do about the org. at this point idk, i feel that many people have the mindset that charas outside the main trios aren't as important/are insignificant to the plot, but just because they aren't focused on as much or because you personally don't care about them doesn't mean that they don't have importance to the main story, and that there aren't other people who want them to be explored more! in terms of gameplay, i honestly like the card system a lot!! kh has been shown to experiment with various different gameplay mechanics throughout the series and i think it puts a lot of people off, but personally doesn't bother me much
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