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  1. Favorite Kingdom Hearts Opening Cinematic?
  2. Favorite KH Couple Edit: These couples were meant in a platonic sense, but we have removed an option that was causing some confusion.
  3. Hello. I am blueblur1992 (now known as My_Echo4 on Discord and Twitter) I would love to become part of the KH13 team. I have been a fan of Kingdom Hearts since Re:Coded was released on the DS. I know that wasn’t too long ago but it still had a special place in my heart, especially since I am a huge fan of Disney. I actually have experience of working in the Social Media/News field before in a place called Nintencity where we review and talk about all things, you guess it, Nintendo! I would love to expand my horizons on being a journalist/PR and I feel this is the next step. I have some references of reviews I did in the past if you are interested, I’ll post at the bottom of the reply here. I also can come up with some interesting ideas that can help expand our community and such though they may not always fall through, its fun to come up with ideas and discuss it to make it work. I can’t wait to start working with you guys! (that is if Im chosen that is lol) Feel free to ask any questions if necessary! http://ninten.city/YD2nY
  4. Oy. Okay 1)KH II 2) Chi 3) 358/2 Days 4) Back Cover 5) Birth By Sleep HM: Re:Coded, Dream Drop Distance
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