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  1. Ahmad Syafeen

    TGS Re;Mind

    With the recent TGS 2019 trailer I decided to draw this First of all, can I just say... OBLIVION IS BACK BABY!! HELL YEAHHHHH That's it that's the post, I finally have some KH stuff to draw again and this was my first art work in a considerable amount of time Sorry for being inactive for a while peeps P.s/ COMMISSIONS ARE STILL OPEN #kingdomhearts #kingdomhearts3 #kh #kh3 #oblivion #oathkeeper #lightform #darkform #art #artistoninstagram #digital #digitalart #sora #disney #squareenix #tgs2019 #drawing #krita #animeart #animestyledrawing

    © @feenthehuman

  2. Ahmad Syafeen


    IT'S TOMORROW AAAAAAAAAAAA So here's Sora! >:Dc @kingdomhearts #KH3sharethemagic #KingdomHearts. #1daytilllaunch #digitalart #fanart #animeart #krita #kingdomhearts3 #disney #sora #squareenix

    © @feenthehuman

  3. Ahmad Syafeen


    AAAAAAAAAAAA IT'S SO CLOSEEEE I CAN'T WAIT TO SINK MY TEETH IN AND ENJOY THIS GAME FULLY! Please don't share any spoilers with me I'm begging ya ;-; @kingdomhearts

    © @feenthehuman

  4. Waiting for the release is gonna be the death of me i avoid YouTube, Twitter and the likes in fear of being spoiled so might as well channel that anger and excitement in doing something Hence, this! I'll keep doing this till a day before the release so hope you guys will like it also...sorry for the drought in my account - I'll try my best to post more KH artworks later on
  5. Ahmad Syafeen

    Storm Flag Sora

    Sorry for the late post here been caught with a lot of things Assignments Crappy WiFi also inktober is happening so I'm directing most of my focus there so KH fanarts will have to wait for a bit If you peeps are curious about my inktober Drop by my instagram @feenthehuman

    © @feenthehuman

  6. Ahmad Syafeen

    Gummy reaction

    Sora's reaction to the new upgraded gummy ships More KH fanarts will come soon Don't know when but there's so many new contents shown!

    © @feenthehuman

  7. Ahmad Syafeen

    Sora & Hiro & Baymax

    Sora! Hiro! And Baymax! i drew right after the initial big hero 6 trailer and I swear this game keeps on hyping me up more and more with each passing trailers! do look forward to some more fanarts regarding the two recent most trailers

    © @feenthehuman

  8. This took hella long to finish I posted this on my instagram a while back tho so after fixing it up a bit ... well, here it is P/s my instagram is @feenthehuman i draw other stuff as well not just Kingdom Hearts related stuff

    © @feenthehuman

  9. Ahmad Syafeen

    Pirate Trio

    "Yo ho, Yo ho~ a pirate's life for me~" Sora, Donald and Goofy sailing across the seven seas These 3 swashbuckling pirates will plunder all of the loots and steal your treasures! This took a heck of a long while Mostly because I had to take a few days off to send my lil sister off to her university But then again This particular piece was that hard to finish So that is also a factor? Anywho it's done!

    © Feenthehuman

  10. I still can't preorder in Malaysia:'D I'm still waiting
  11. Ahmad Syafeen

    Sora In Arendelle

    "Hey, an islander. What can I say?" Sora in Arendelle! Seeing Frozen in KH3 was not a surpirse but it was still shocking nonetheless It looks friggin amazing!!

    © Feenthehuman

  12. inspired by a reply to a tweet Sora has an inspiration to help Remy's endeavors when suddenly-

    © Feenthehuman

  13. Ahmad Syafeen

    Comic strip

    E3 hype is still hitting me strong so i will drawing a bunch of stuff from the recent trailers Kairi's new design is amazing and I love it as soon as i saw it Hence, it makes sense for me to draw her the bottom pic is my thought on what Sora's reaction would be like when he sees her

    © Feenthehuman

  14. Ahmad Syafeen

    Sora & Remy

    Sora and Remy cooking something up i plan on doing more E3 related stuff soon so you peeps can drop by my Instagram @feenthehuman and my twitter @syafeen98 I'm so hyped for this May your heart be your guiding key

    © Feenthehuman

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