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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. We need a Pride Lands Sora, Pop Vinyl 

  2. Maybe that’s why she send eraqus keyblade to Destiny islands so xehanort doesn’t get his hands on it and opens the chamber to Ventus
  3. Bought the Stitch pack, have the stitch outfit, got my link line complete, but can’t seem to find the small stitch accessory that can go on your shoulder, can anyone help me haha?
  4. No worries, the theme is really cool! Hopefully they release it after launch on the store, I’m glad I got my physical copy though was well worth it!
  5. I’ve already pre-ordered the digital deluxe with the figures, though I’m just wondering if the pre-order PS4 theme is digital exclusive, or you can get it through physical copy as well??
  6. LILO and Stitch world, unless they somehow include those characters on Destiny Islands just need a Stitch world again
  7. Hopefully we get another He’s a Pirate rendition for the battle music! I feel like the music from the trailer is for a boss fight or something along the lines, maybe the ship battles!
  8. Agrabah has to go, there’s only so much they can do with a world, they’re basically milking that world if it’s included in 3. Seen it too many times to have interest in it anymore, our time in Agrabah is over, for me anyway
  9. Still hoping they continue with Deep Space and have sora meet Lilo and Stitch in Hawaii and the movie plot unfolds!
  10. it wasn't working on my laptop, but i just done it through my phone there and it worked fine, best try it on difference device!
  11. Lilo and Stitch world, with stitch a party member, my top 3 predictions world wise was 1. Toy Story 2. Lilo and Stitch 3. Monsters Inc, I’ve got 2 out of the 3 predictions right so here’s hoping for all 3
  12. As the title says yous think Willa will return to voice Aqua for 2.8,kh3?
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