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  1. Kingdom hearts dream drop distance became Kingdom Hearts dream, destruction from a distance. At least it retained the alliteration. Kingdom hearts birth by sleep = Kingdom Hearts birth sleep, the drug, which is a combination ta'insulina kingdom hearts chain of memories = Kingdom Hearts: chain of memories. It actually managed to add the colon and capitalization on its own
  2. (in case it's not apparent I am hype)
  3. new nintendo 3ds and majora's mask release date star fox trailer splatoon gameplay mario maker release date zelda u new trailer and release date new paper mario, uses gameplay from ttyd hd remake pack of sunshine, galaxy 1 and 2 all in a pack for 100 dollars new f-zero new 3d mario, promises to be one big open world new metroid, uses manga to build it's story mother 3 for wii u plus a new earthbound game 20 new dlc characters for smash including sora, isaac, shovel knight, and more kh3 release date, now on wii u years ahead of ps4 and xbone half life 3. like, right now
  4. You must be joking. You look amazing.
  5. I'm loving this shirt the more i see of it. I'll definitely pick it up
  6. This was great! thank you, and a merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  7. Leaving for hawaii tomorrow. Don't expect me on here for the next few days

  8. When did they say that? It's the first I've heard of it
  9. People were confused enough when they established a timeline in the first place. Throwing it out 2 games later would be incredibly stupid.
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