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[UPDATED] Kingdom Hearts III manga serialization to begin on April 29 on Square Enix's "Gangan Online" web magazine


Following last month's announcement of an official Kingdom Hearts III manga series by returning artist Shiro Amano, the "next issue notice" of Square Enix's magazine Monthly Shonen Gangan reveals that its serialization will start from April 24, 2019 (JST)! Fans will be able to read the "prologue" chapter this week on Square Enix's web magazine Gangan Online.

UPDATE [Apr 23, 2019]: The first few pages will be in color. The manga will be serialized in the Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine as well as appearing on Gangan Online.

Thanks to KH13 Staff @sololonlon for translations!

UPDATE [Apr 25, 2019]: The serialization of the Kingdom Hearts III manga has been delayed to April 29, 2019

You can see images from the announcement and Gangan Online archives below.


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Don't really care about a KH3 manga (this game annoys me much so...) but I really really hope they make another Kingdom Hearts manga artbook with the artwork for the 358/2 Days manga, I would sign up right away.

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Again, really concerned with how they're going to attempt to address all of the plot they've skipped out on between Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded, Dream Drop Distance, and 0.2 Fragmentary Passage. At the very least they could do some kind of recap prologue or something. It'd be small and short, but better than nothing.

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