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  1. Genesis surviving after the events of the original game was something that had been around before the remakes and remasters seeing as DoC took place after and had Genesis.
  2. Happy Birthday, @The V-Blade! 🥳 🎂 🎁
  3. I can't find it but I remember one person had a video that went over the Eiffel Tower illustration incident at a convention thanks to the Spotpass feature and that was the reason it was discontinued. There were clearly other cases where predators could share, but it was an example of an unintentional message being shared. Used Nintendo 3DSes could be p bad as well. A saved file being on a used cartridge game is one thing. The systems have cameras and SD cards for storing media that apparently went unchecked as there was at least one example where a parent found adult content on a system. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3561201/That-s-not-Super-Mario-Father-buys-second-hand-Nintendo-3DS-handheld-games-console-discover-s-PORN.html
  4. I remember Nintendo 3DS had the MiiVerse where people could share game screenshots or doodles. Then there was Swapnote that didn't have a filter for content being sent in messages, so uncouth media was sent to children that friended an adult online or through the faulty Spotpass feature (local area communications with passersby) that let any messages made be shared between systems (possible to turn off if people remembered).
  5. It reminds me of the PS5 slogan edit. I'll take the young comment as a compliment.
  6. I credited it as something you would post.
  7. Disney Unlimited Then Daz could say "more like Disney Limited! Am I right, guys?" They've got Disney Dreamlight Valley now, though.
  8. I guess they had the idea already, though.
  9. I mean for Buzz Lightyear.
  10. Yeah They looked so stiff and the effects are just okayish, but the movements did seem quick and flashy.
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