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  1. It's been on and off for a while now, and it seems that it has been staying offline now.
  2. Invite Manager is down; otherwise, I'd have had a role upgrade since I invited more people here. Those w/ access to the server settings here should be able to see the invites, who created them, and how many clicks they got, though.
  3. TBF, it was supposed to release on the same date, but there was an unforeseen circumstance that delayed it a week. Thursday still seems to be the magic day for story updates.
  4. It does makes sense for it to be the MoM boxart Kairi.
  5. Collaboration Event that is not listed and Glacie has to keep hush about for now
  6. 3K logins until the next KH game comes out, though
  7. > lol, they're upgrading the medal that literally everyone gets when they start the game 15% magic reflect
  8. Astounding how something w/ 30% pierce can go all fifteen hits w/o a pierce Whale protection right there
  9. I don't like the change in shape so much, but I do like that the DS5 will be bigger.
  10. Also, there is no red star there, so it's not shiny. Yes
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