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  1. Or human for that matter More like bounce a pence off DAT ASS! /s
  2. Doesn’t have to be female
  3. "When she has the booty" A good time for our resident ass man to show up
  4. > what are you talking about Master Xehanort
  5. > it says lets see base form purple All about that base, huh?
  6. Boo Ray! This server has no MX emojis.
  7. Oh sweet I don’t want to go too much into descriptions where things get considered off-topic. > Unfortunately for you, your memeing has only made me explore other options. Something like that or chiaroscuro (light to dark). In this case, the more cursed, the better.
  8. I memeing, Aqua_Wren. Cuz if I was being technical, I’d be directed to Fan Art Chat or another channel.
  9. If Xemnas can have his zebra coat, then they can have other styles as well.
  10. Multicolored as well? I was thinking rainbow, stripes, or a gradient.
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