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  1. A two-month period is quite a wait.
  2. This is going to be him: https://tenor.com/view/popeyes-disappointment-immeasurable-sad-not-happy-gif-13567943
  3. I miss Flash games, but Adobe took an axe to Flash, so their not supported anymore.
  4. I'm a bit interested in First Soldier while we wait for Ever Crisis.
  5. The actions are skip and force skip. I was referring to the names of the tickets.
  6. BP serves that purpose for this thing, except we can use it to get keys. Apparently, it'll be used for more things in the shop since the way of jewels will be gone and we likely won't be getting card draw tickets. There might not be much added to what we already have there now anyway.
  7. I meant DR would be playable. I already know that the story for KHUx will be view-only.
  8. I thought the offline version was going to make not only viewable chapters, but playable chapters. I guess it's for people that want to kill X amount of an exclusive Heartless or have some challenge.
  9. I think it's estimated up to the beginning of March.
  10. Unlike KHUx, DR is supposed to be playable as well. We'll at least have access to viewing the cutscenes w/ different party mates.
  11. There is the Save Data Backup for viewing our profile crap.
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