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  1. About an hour of raiding during bonus time Especially w/ LB Two turn a RB w/ over 40 billion per fight
  2. Welcome to the slow level up club. I got to 800 months back. I just got to 817 earlier and it's over 18 trillion lux to the next level. Quadrillion Quadrillion
  3. You can imagine how conflicting the Infrit Event was for me.
  4. My solution of bringing fire by default paid off there.
  5. So, it's an emoji on the forums, but it looks like Double OKP is having a stroke and I'm getting a laugh at it. Couldn't auto that guy either Most had to use their charms.
  6. I thought that Event w/ the mixed bag of Heartless dropped them. Of course, I grinded some materials beforehand b/c I didn't know they would do that. 🙃
  7. I have a decent variety of fire cards for colors and some healing or sub healing cards already, so I think I can skip those; especially since the fiery cards lack sub-abilities. I thought the Event was hinting at Thunder cards coming our way.
  8. For the buffs The boosts are the central points of focus and many of the other medals do fine w/ their own U or R buffs. Kairi give general medal boost.
  9. https://weather.com/storms/winter/video/lake-superior-trees-coated-in-rime-ice Mr. Rime's name and typing make more sense now.
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