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  1. https://tenor.com/view/roxas-kingdom-hearts-loreal-flip-hair-worth-it-gif-13398948
  2. A bit much for this chat
  3. My first submission for this year's Halloween contest:
  4. He might have reduced your strengths to the negatives.
  5. Your bday will be next month as well.
  6. Organization members Monday Heh Pirate Donald
  7. The one-day co-op drops EXP medals as well. Well, rewards
  8. Gotta wait for Boards and more Event Quests that have them then
  9. Nice to see RT medals get the upgrade treatment
  10. Some T9s are still viable in Quests that limit you to it like in Proud Mode, but unless you are using them for subslots and/or raiding, there is not much more use to keep duplicates of them.
  11. The FFVIIR patch is available in the West now.
  12. Absentee mail-in ballots already apply to astronauts. https://weather.com/science/space/video/astronauts-vote-from-space
  13. Timelapse of fire ants finding a way to stay afloat for a meal: https://weather.com/science/nature/video/fire-ants-act-like-tiny-engineers-for-a-meal
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