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  1. There will be two different designs for the steelbook cases? Thursday is such a weird day of the week to release a game.
  2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/801283440611819520/1156591891387789434/Snapinsta.app_video_372474668_283398384312180_3763435282454406472_n_2.mov?ex=65163063&is=6514dee3&hm=52907fad960d2686b72b54fc96ac6ecc1b5d44500e1f46979f70c017fefcdda3&
  3. https://tenor.com/view/lmao-laughing-hysterically-gif-26398146
  4. I had to read that more than once b/c I thought you were meaning whether it turns him on or not and you didn't want to kink shame him.
  5. I mean like a person caring too much for their own well being.
  6. W/ the character that is given a dog nickname no less Will it cost extra like those "expansions" and "episodes?"
  7. Seems we have to choose between graphics and performance
  8. I mean the planned one later on that will be paid.
  9. I combined two phrases like they do on Wheel of Fortune. The free DLC
  10. Not sure if I'll get it done before the DLC drops
  11. Commenting of PS5 Continuing from only 71% progression... Streaming Final Fantasy XVI for Torgal Tuesday:
  12. That's not my name but thanks.
  13. I do noticed the folds more. I'm more of a 2-D, side scroller Sonic fan.
  14. Almost like a slab of clay was plopped on
  15. It's like another layer of flesh.
  16. Like how more noticeable the steep protrusion of his cheeks are
  17. More like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  18. https://tenor.com/view/sonic-unleashed-looks-like-things-have-gotten-pretty-ugly-sonic-sonic-the-werehog-sonic-the-hedgehog-gif-25870683
  19. Good for hunting down the werehogs
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