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Kingdom Hearts III manga Chapter 17 now available on Gangan Online


Gangan Online have posted Chapter 17 for the Kingdom Hearts III manga. You can check out the previews for the chapter in our gallery below. You can read the full chapter on their site by clicking here or on their online app.

Chapter 18 will be available on June 10th.

You can also check out the articles for the previous chapters by clicking on the links below!

In addition, Volume 2 of the manga is set to release on June 11th in Japan.

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What if I started out with kh1>kh2>kh3>khCoM>khdays>khBbs>khReCoded>khDDD>kh0.2>khbackcover

(Mind you, I’ve played every single one, I still wish we had remakes of the DS games and not movies)

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are yiu m a d ?!


granted, my journey with KH started with Re:CoM cuz it was the first one I found BUT STILL

your proposed order is just..


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19 minutes ago, SweetYetSalty said:

Jiminy Cricket is back! The bug who defeated Luxord! I hope they bring that up and meet again in the KH3 chapters.

Wait.......Jiminy defeated Luxord?!?! Oh, was that in the KHII manga?

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