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  1. The more I think about how that would play out for an actual kb war segment the weirder it starts to sound to think we’d be just bowling through hundreds of other kids
  2. I’m usually adverse to wanting them to spend time on remaking Ux but if they do it like this I might have to make an exception
  3. Yeah I mean as how they could make a canon musuo game actually very well it’s pretty safe to say that there’s no reason KH couldn’t pull off the same sorta thing
  4. San Fransokyo is the world I was specifically thinking of with that tho Like if I’m 2k feet off the ground and they’re god knows where down there on street level I never hear them say anything
  5. If you just glide around the worlds doesnt their dialogue just not even trigger half the time lol
  6. Well not too long before but yeah still too early to be a reason for it
  7. Yeah Vanitas really is just one of those bosses that almost necessitates that you need commands if you wanna enjoy it at all Aside from his very last fight I guess cus I don’t remember him countering every time he gets hit there
  8. Wait so these are all no command playthroughs then?
  9. A run? Like a speedrun? For 100%ing? Just sounds like it would be firetrucking brutal and still take upwards of 20+ hours no matter how quickly you go with some stuff if that is what you mean Cus otherwise there’s no way to really... break any sorta normal run honestly like you can always come back to it whenever you feel like lol
  10. Wait what books? Like the ones in the recap things that chirithy reads?
  11. This why I need a ps5
  12. Yeah I think damo has a pretty good vid on exploring around and dissecting which buildings are which
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