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  1. Theres even a pizza planet truck reference IN Monstropolis!
  2. Xbox added them to the store to be purchasable so I don’t :CH_PepeCringe:
  3. I mean true But there’s 110% no validity to what they say now cus it’s just pointless rudeness and nonsensical hate
  4. At this rate it doesn’t even matter what all the people who said it couldn’t make it has to say anymore
  5. And even if they were there so much baggage that comes with that it’s unreal
  6. The dark side of the sora doubters are by far one of the most confusing breeds I’ve ever come to know for sure
  7. My point isn’t that it’s sensible to stop it before it happens, just that it’d make some sense to not let people do such ridiculous shit and get off scot free Wait how is there anything legitimate about that?
  8. Like the act and thought process of going "hmm I'm sure there's some other sucker out there who wants this insert thing here lemme rip him off and make profit in the process" should so be illegal like I can't believe it's not
  9. I mean sure in this case yeah I can see how people would place a higher value on something but I meant in general like if we're not talking about a large scale scarcity situation
  10. I mean come on tho if you're gonna resell something for more than its worth then you gotta get over yourself like nothing that you did with it in the time you had it makes it worth any more, if anything its the opposite, like I see nothing okay with that
  11. I coulda sworn that like literally every product ever says don't resell this for more than you got it for basically But somehow that's just... okay?
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