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  1. ES6 2027 release date here we come
  2. They really hate Kairi over there at square enix
  3. Yeah but hey let's just... move on
  4. But a lot of the time its being said or mentioned just to be said or mentioned, but I digress
  5. https://tenor.com/view/kingdom-hearts-i-believe-you-gif-10349372
  6. Didn't say YOU have to change
  7. Complaining about companies in a place where companies can't even see or hear doesn't accomplish literally anything, be the change you want to see
  8. Next time I see anyone bring up anything being gay in KH imma be just like "yeah KH is pretty happy, moving on" 🗿
  9. Yall can take it to dms if you really are that fired up like the option is always there lol
  10. Here I'll start a fire, dream eaters > melding
  11. I think the only one I ever seen die consistently is mickey in the last fight with aqua lol
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