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  1. Yeah that’s what I mean like, I feel as if I see something new in the MCU every other week if not literally every week
  2. Right tho like ain't all this marvel stuff too much to keep up with as is??
  3. Now, is forza and shit working fine on Xbox or are both exclusive racing games having issues https://tenor.com/view/peepo-leave-leaving-pepe-peepo-frog-gif-21562981
  4. When you can really feel the weight and the impact of attacks that clearly should have a distinct impact on what you're hitting
  5. Well um good for you I guess?
  6. Wait there's an item for beating them 3 times each?
  7. https://tenor.com/view/whew-spongebob-thank-god-that-was-close-damn-gif-10882958
  8. Whats even crazier is you're only hearing the original versions of these tracks, and while they were great at the time and most of it still holds up for sure, the remastered soundtracks are just something else
  9. I— this one took me a sec to grasp just wtf I was looking at ngl
  10. Honestly they should open it up to be able to do 120 if nothing else I see no reason KH couldn’t do it if games that are no doubt more graphically intensive can
  11. Now why can’t the creators of these mods just work together and put all the strengths of each mod into one single download huh
  12. Maaan I really do wanna play botw but I don’t feel like buying a switch pretty much JUST to only have that for awhile
  13. I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that Welp if I had to see it then so do my friends They took it better than I thought they would
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