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  1. I got so done with AC when I heard that they killed off the main antagonist that transcends the entire timeline in a comic
  2. Wait they’re gonna expand their lore through... podcasts? I know that’s not the only thing that’s said here but
  3. I honestly can’t imagine them not having plans to release a game on the anniversary, it’ll be so weird to me if they don’t I feel like if the main team has been largely focused on the next one since kh3 launched then surely 3 years is enough to be able to expect a new one
  4. I mean hey look all I’m even remotely expecting is like, a title announcement with maybe a 5 second clip of something to tease but if we don’t see nothing at all then that’s fine
  5. It still pains me to imagine what the others designs woulda been like if they went with the first sonic I mean good god imagine trying to take shadow remotely serious if he looked anywhere near as bad as sonic did :kekw:
  6. Given some stuff I’ve seen online I’d say we’re slowly getting there Cus it would appear some of us are more rapidly approaching de-evolution than most
  7. Apparently it’s the square root of 1.5 so it’s basically a ridiculous way of calling it Nier 1.5
  8. Everything past kh2 has been pretty unnatural if I’m being honest with myself
  9. I think Riku thought Mickey was saying she’s dumb like Sora
  10. Like it’s one thing when you’re spacing out actual coherent thoughts that make sense to be separated a bit But when it’s just like 2 or 3 words back to back I’m beyond baffled
  11. And I will never understand what it is that makes people do that
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