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  1. Yeah idk what exactly he was responding to saying was awesome lol
  2. Well in bbs yeah that’s what the secret episode was in that game
  3. > Unless they're hiding a a big part about this game where you actually play a character in a action-rpg setting I was referring to this
  4. The file size is too small for it not to just be a rhythm game lol
  5. None of these are exactly red though so idk I’m not too sold on that idea
  6. Prolly need to 100% the stage that connects to it to gain access or something
  7. I mean just look in the bottom right, apparently these things are called darkened worlds
  8. I don’t get like why the first cutscene listed is a kh1 cutscene like surely theres an opening cutscene for the game why isn’t that first on the list?
  9. They did mention there being a synthesis system in this already but it was like barely mentioned in one of the interviews so I don’t blame y’all for not knowing
  10. Hopefully if it’s super easy to do that and they hardly need to do anything then they’ll go a bit of the extra mile from here on out
  11. Like there literally has never been volume settings well, even until kh3 right? I don’t think 0.2 even had THAT slider
  12. Y’know I am baffled that KH has always skimped out on having any semblance of decent settings to mess with all the way up until 0.2
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