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  1. That’s not worry that’s genuine bafflement Why do people always try to tell me how I feel :WeirdChamp:
  2. I will be so genuinely baffled if the next game isn’t still a Kairi/Riku thing or something of the sort
  3. It hit me when the X-blade got pulled out and everything was all destroyed I’m like “wait so are we just not gonna get to look around this massive new place??”
  4. Pfft I can’t count on 4 hands how many times I’ve been gliding away from it during the one part where you’re supposed to be gliding and he just catches me anyways yeah very cool LW
  5. Lingering will might be “worse” but there’s a lot of gimmicky bullshit that comes with that and once he’s down to like 3 bars he literally will just spam his dm almost non stop like dude that’s just not even fun to deal with esp if you get good at it after seeing it so much
  6. I think he’s the hardest but in a very fair way
  7. Honestly I think I might rather see the gummi space used for Star Wars stuff more than an actual world
  8. > A lot of Namine fan art, yikes @Mr.Noa(s)h(MDL)Rogers1998#6997 why yikes? :WeirdChamp:
  9. I thought the MP came when they released ODST tbh lol
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