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  1. I mean it’s minimal in the sense that there’s like 2 cutscenes lol Honestly I bet they’ll just recap what info was learned in MoM anyways so yeah it’ll probably be high key irrelevant when the next game is out
  2. Suppose I’ll go cry in my corner of thinking it’s easily top 3 dearly beloveds
  3. How dare Elsa use that magic to cause harm onto evil creatures that are threatening her entire kingdom! 😾
  4. Damn I really thought this was gonna be a trilogy I hope this doesn’t feel too rushed or anything then Rather it be stretched out and have a third game that can improve even more so on this than to have them settle here and compact a shit ton of stuff in the last like 4 hours or something
  5. 👀👀👀 https://tenor.com/view/its-been84years-titanic-rose-dawson-gif-5372593
  6. Once you have the router you can’t go back to the 3 ringed binder no sir Dunno if that’s a thing people even call the PS4 but for me it is now Well That works too When you put it that way tho it’s analogistic for the ps5/ps4 for sure aaaand apparently that’s not even a word according to what autocorrects wants from me even though I’ve seen it be used Liked I looked it up And results and definitions came up and all but still iOS keyboard being a 🤡
  7. It’s pretty nice yeah
  8. Eh, depends on the game Some barely get a noticeable difference while others it’s been like o h i s e e 🧿👄🧿 I mean the 60fps makes a big enough difference to me tho Spider-Man tho I would NOT have wanted to play on PS4 and I’m glad I never did It’s just too fluid, too fast to be trapped in a 30fps cage
  9. I mean I’m sure the creators that spotlight DL on their channel will actually do a good job in reviewing it and what not, others? Eh not so much, but that’s been the case with like everything ever tho
  10. Well they did say it is done by all accounts They just wanna polish it up basically
  11. I mean They literally just changed stuff with this update Is it too much to ask for a toggle to allow themes to overwrite the little backgrounds that pop up for each game? No
  12. Bring back themes you cowards
  13. https://tenor.com/view/sadge-cliff-sad-saaadge-gif-18209034 God dammit There pretty much wasn’t a single other game coming out in the next few months that I was absolutely sold on aside from this Wdym?
  14. There’s really no telling how they messed up Colors that bad But in KH’s case I guess you really can only port a game so many times huh
  15. I mean, it’s definitely possible to hold the one button for a LOT more fights than it should be possible for tho
  16. I mean it probably is gonna be But still Like firetrucking say it already Or ANYTHING for that matter
  17. Like, they haven’t even said if it’ll be 60fps and they expect me to drop another 60$? ☠️
  18. Have they even said like, what one of the changes are aside from graphics…? Like dude it can’t just be graphics they’ve had nothing BUT time to touch up graphics From what I remember when they remastered it the first time it was already way quicker wasn’t it? Like sure it would take a little longer sometimes compared to other times but eh Doesn’t really feel like a selling point to me
  19. They are? I mean rebuying something once is one thing, depending on whether or not it’s worth it, but unless a game gets literally 2 remakes over the course of 2 decades there is no good reason to make people buy it 3 times nowadays what with cloud saves and everything being so common
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